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COVID-19 Testing

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We suggest the following guidelines when deciding on the right testing location for you and your family. 

You Have Been Exposed to a COVID-19+ Person and Have No or Mild Symptoms

  • Wear a mask over your nose and mouth when you are around others.
  • Get tested five days after the last day you were exposed to the COVID-19+ person.
  • Use a Wake County or state testing center to receive FREE testing. You can find them here. Information about receiving the free at-home testing kits from the federal government are also available on the Wake County testing web page.
  • You can also purchase an at-home test kit from a local pharmacy. Please be advised that they are in short supply.

You Have Symptoms of COVID-19 and Need to Be Seen by a Provider for Your Symptoms

If you have symptoms of COVID-19 and you need the help of a health care provider to control them (ex. bad cough or sore throat that keeps you up at night, bad headache, fever lasting two or more days), consider these options:

  • Make an appointment with your family doctor. It is likely you will be tested for COVID-19 at your appointment. You will be charged a primary care copay for the visit.
  • Go to a WakeMed Urgent Care location. It is likely you will be tested for COVID-19 at your appointment. You will be charged an urgent care copay.
  • Sign up as a new patient with a MyCare365 location. You can walk into or make an appointment at a MyCare365 location to be seen for symptoms. You will be charged a primary care copay. 

You Have Severe COVID-19 Symptoms and Need Emergency Medical Attention

Seek emergency medical attention at a hospital emergency department for symptoms such as trouble breathing, persistent pain/pressure in your chest, confusion and inability to stay awake. WakeMed has seven full-service emergency departments throughout Wake County.

WakeMed Emergency Departments welcome people in need of emergency medical attention. Please do not go to a WakeMed Emergency Department if you want a COVID-19 test and do not need to be seen for symptoms.