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Our Commitment to Quality & Safety

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As always, WakeMed is focused on providing safe, high-quality, compassionate care to each and every patient we serve. As a health system, it is our responsibility to do everything possible to keep our patients, our staff and our community healthy.

During these unprecedented times, WakeMed is committed to caring for our community as we have for so many years — we're always safe and forever here.

WakeMed stands ready to provide you and your family with the expert care and services you need in the safest environment. As healthcare providers, we are here to comfort, reassure and deliver the care and caring that lead to healing — because patients and families are at the heart of everything that we do.


ALWAYS SAFE and FOREVER HERE at WakeMed means:

  • A Commitment to Clean: Alongside our existing, extensive infection prevention measures and hospital-grade cleaning protocols, we’ve implemented additional safeguards to high-touch surfaces like door handles, elevator buttons and payment screens.
  • A Safe Space for You: Your safety and well-being are our top priority. Rest assured, you are safe inside the walls of any WakeMed facility — from our emergency departments and hospitals to our waiting areas and physician practices, we are taking extra precautions to ensure the environment is safe and clean. We are here for everyone and well-prepared to care for any illness or emergency, so don’t delay care.
  • Virtual Visits: If you prefer to seek care for non-emergent medical conditions from the comfort of your home, we offer virtual visits and telehealth options for urgent care, primary care, pediatrics and all WakeMed Physician Practices clinical specialties.
  • Screening: WakeMed patients are screened upon registration at our facilities. Visitors are screened at portals of entry. Staff members self-screen for illness daily and are not permitted to come to work if they are sick. WakeMed enforces and assists with the proper use of personal protective equipment (masks, etc.) for all staff, patients and visitors. This PPE offers protection from COVID-19 transmission, regardless of screening methods. Screening processes and precautions keep you safe and allow our care team to guide you to the most appropriate level of care, minimizing unnecessary exposure for all.
  • Social Distancing: We’ve reconfigured the layout of our lobbies, waiting areas and other high-traffic spaces to promote social distancing. Six feet apart is the rule, and you’ll find visual cues and reminders throughout our facilities to guide you.
  • Low to No-Touch Environments: From virtual registration to telehealth options and drive-through lab blood draws that offer the ability to access care from your home or car, we are working hard to implement low to no-touch environments and experiences across the WakeMed system. In our physician practices and several of our outpatient diagnostic services, we offer eCheck-in and “Hello Patient” features that allow patients to skip the front desk, electronically sign documents, minimize time in waiting areas and much more. Whether it’s an in-person or virtual visit, you are safe in our care.
  • The Right Protection for All: As always, we assess every patient case and wear the appropriate level of personal protective equipment (PPE) needed to keep our patients and staff safe and well-cared for. PPE also applies to our patients and visitors and a face mask is to be worn by all. You may bring your own mask to wear at a WakeMed facility, or we will provide you with a face mask upon arrival. We have always had hand sanitizer readily available in our facilities for patients, visitors and staff. 
  • Visitation Policies & Virtual Connections: With few exceptions, visitation is restricted in our facilities. While visitation is limited, we do understand how important family and loved ones are to our patients. We encourage, support and facilitate efforts for our patients to communicate virtually with loved ones, using several technology platforms.
  • Financial Assistance: We understand that receiving medical care, especially emergency medical treatment, can be stressful. We also recognize that one of the common stressors is concern over the cost of such care — now more than ever as we face these uncertain times. Please be assured that WakeMed stands ready to provide appropriate evaluation and care for any medical emergency, regardless of insurance status or ability to pay. We will never delay care to patients who are in need of emergency treatment for payment reasons, and ability to pay should not discourage or delay patients from seeking the emergency medical care they need. WakeMed has a Financial Assistance Policy designed to help many patients who are uninsured or unable to pay for their medical treatment.
  • Practice the Three W's: Three key W rules to remember for everyone's safety — Wear a mask in public; Wash your hands regularly for 20 seconds; Wait six feet apart in public.