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Fraud Alert - Recruitment Scams

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Please be on the alert for recruitment scams and fraudulent job offers.

  • WakeMed will NEVER ask you for processing fees or payments for completing a job application.
  • WakeMed will NEVER ask for personal bank account information as part of the recruitment process. Nor will they ever ask for bank information related to the purchase of supplies/equipment needed for the job.
  • You should NEVER send money or provide bank account information to anyone suggesting they can secure employment with WakeMed.

WakeMed is committed to upholding the highest ethics and standards in all we do. We encourage you to be alert and aware of recruitment fraud and report any suspicious interactions you may have. The Federal Trade Commission and your state’s attorney general office have online reporting processes. This can help keep you from being victimized and stop these schemes from being perpetrated against others.

What is Recruitment Fraud?

While there are many types of recruitment fraud scams, the most common involve individuals being offered fake job opportunities at established companies. These scams are often initiated through online channels, including fake job postings, or unsolicited emails claiming to be from the company or individuals within the organization. The goal of these scams is to obtain personal information, and ultimately payments, from the victim, purportedly to process applications for jobs that do not exist.

If you suspect you have experienced recruitment fraud, please contact your local authorities.

Keep Yourself Safe from Recruitment Fraud

  1. Emails from WakeMed Human Resources recruiters will always come from an '@wakemed.org' email address.
  2. Fraud perpetrators can ‘spoof’ phone numbers to look like they are calling from WakeMed. Do not assume a call is from a legitimate WakeMed number.
  3. All legitimate WakeMed jobs are posted on our career websites (wakemed.org/careers, jobs.wakemed.org or wakemed.org/travel-staffing). Any communications about a job that is not currently on our website should be handled with extreme caution.
  4. WakeMed will NEVER ask you for processing fees, payments, or personal account information as part of the recruitment process.

If you suspect you have received a fraudulent offer, do not engage with the original sender. Instead, save the message and contact local authorities.