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Care Provider Expectations

Quality Expectations

At WakeMed, we have set certain expectations for all hospital staff. These expectations are meant to make your hospital stay more comfortable and safer.

You can expect your treatment team to:

  • Wear a WakeMed name badge and introduce themselves to you and your family
  • Wash their hands or use hand sanitizing gel before and after contact with you
  • Verify your identity prior to giving you medication or blood, obtaining specimens, performing a procedure or taking blood
  • Explain all medications and procedures and answer any questions that you have in words that you understand
  • Ask you several times what type of procedure you are having. If you are having surgery, your surgeon will sign at the surgery location just to make sure there is no confusion in the operating room.
  • Clean your room regularly
  • Label all specimens at your bedside (blood, etc.)
  • Provide instructions to you about how to care for yourself when you get home

Never hesitate to tell the health care professional if you think he or she has not washed their hands, mistaken you for another patient, or are about to give you the wrong medication. For your safety, it is important that you speak up.

Additional questions to ask your health care provider.