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Recognizing Excellence

2013 nursing Quality Improvement


In 2018 WakeMed’s 6C Surgery & Trauma unit became the second unit in the state and the thirtieth in the nation to earn the AMSN PRISM Award®, co-sponsored by the Academy of Medical-Surgical Nurses (AMSN) and the Medical Surgical Nursing Certification Board (MSNCB). The team earned the award for their effective leadership, recruitment/retention of competent staff, implementation of best practices, high-quality care, maintaining a healthy work environment and lifelong learning.

Patients and Peers

From Our Patients & Peers

More than 200 a month – that is how many DAISY Award nominations are received from WakeMed patients and their families. The DAISY Award gives those we care for the opportunity to recognize a nurse or care team for highly compassionate care and service.

Petal Winner

PetalsPETALS, which stands for Professional Extraordinaires That Always Lend Support, gives nurses, patients, families and other staff members the opportunity to recognize the unit secretaries, medical technologists, therapists, Environmental Services employees and other support staff for helping to provide the best care and care environments. About 200 PETALS Award nominations are also submitted each month.

Pyramid winner

Patients and Peers

Leading the Way to a National First

Congratulations to WakeMed Heart Center’s Marian Uy, BSN, RN, and Wendy Anderson, BSN, RN. Their leadership helped WakeMed become the first U.S. hospital to receive the American College of Cardiology’s Version 3 Advanced Heart Failure Accreditation.

Great engagement Rate!

We are proud of the increase in overall nursing engagement during the past three years.

Nurses are committed to WakeMed’s success and rated our organization higher than our Magnet cohorts in six categories.

Engagement rate

Petal Winner

Professional Growth Improves Patient Outcomes

The numbers prove it: WakeMed nurses constantly strive to better themselves through the opportunities provided to them both inside and outside the health system.

Certifications for patient outcomes

The WakeMed Nursing Development Program (NPDP) helps nurses advance their careers through leadership and quality improvement projects and interprofessional experiences. The NPDP Advisory Board reports a 25 percent increase in Level 3 nurses from 2016 to 2017. To date, NPDP participation increased by 55 percent since the program’s establishment in 2015. And, with just shy of 1,000 intention-to-participate documents to review for 2019, the NPDP Advisory Board has a lot to do!

Nursing By Numbers