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Nursing and Allied Health Faculty

We are delighted that you chose WakeMed for your clinical teaching. Our staff welcomes students and welcomes you. We are here to support you in providing meaningful and rich experiences for students.

Clinical Instructors (CIs) who supervise student patient care at WakeMed must go through an onboarding process, including those who are also WakeMed employees. Nursing, nurse aide, and emergency medical services (EMS) CIs should contact Marilyn Falk, mfalk@wakemed.org. Allied health CIs should contact Kendall Rush, krush@wakemed.org. CIs who provide indirect supervision do not require onboarding.

Nursing CIs with direct supervision must meet with unit management each term briefly prior to bringing students to the unit to discuss objectives, student names, place for post conference, unit initiatives, etc. CIs new to the unit will orient approximately 16 hours or more to the unit with a staff member identified by management. The unit manager will sign the Instructor Verification Form when orientation is adequate and complete. Please return the completed form to NSPlacement@wakemed.org

Instructor Verification Form

Identification Badges:

School photo ID badges and WakeMed student/ clinical instructor ID badges must be visible at all times. Generic nursing student badges are now issued to the Clinical Instructor/School. The CI/School is responsible for keeping track of the badge numbers assigned to specific students and of notifying WakeMed promptly if one is lost or stolen. The CIs/school will notify WakeMed of the badge numbers still in their possession twice a year upon request.

Allied Health student badges are processed through Workforce Development, workforcedevelopment@wakemed.org

CIs should return the badges to the school at the end of their employment. The school may give the badges to a new CI. The CI may also return the badges to the Nursing Education Department.

Medication Dispensing: Submit Pyxis documents to unit management to request access, if needed

Navigating the health system:


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