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Rotation Calendars And Requests

How to request

Allied Health Students: School site coordinators must contact WakeMed departments to determine the availability of the departments to host students. Once student schedules have been agreed upon by both the school site coordinators and WakeMed departments, please reach out to Kendall Rush, Workforce Development and Diversity Specialist, at workforcedevelopment@wakemed.org to acquire all required onboarding documents. It is the responsibility of the school site coordinators to provide a schedule to workforcedevelopment@wakemed.org as to when and where students will be on WakeMed campuses.

*Please note that we do not manage the availability of employees for purposes of educational experiences (internships/observations/job shadowing). The identification of a qualified preceptor is the responsibility of the student and the school because each school/program has a different set of requirements for the educational experience.

Undergraduate Nursing and Emergency Medical Services: The healthcare systems for WakeMed, UNC Hospitals, Duke University Hospitals, and our academic partners have adopted the use of Rotation Manager for clinical placements. The use of Rotation Manager creates standard work and efficient flow. It improves accuracy and communication, and eliminates the waste of resources associated with a cumbersome process and fixing errors.

A school that had a placement on a particular unit, day of the week, and time of day during the same semester one year ago will receive priority for placement, so you may want to check previous placements at wakemedrotations.com prior to making your requests. See How to Check Rotation Manager for more details. Refer to the Tip Sheet for help in making requests.

Equal consideration and priority placement will be given to schools that adhere to the Clinical Request Time Lines. Later requests will be considered on a first-come, first-served basis within capacity constraints.

If you would like more information about Rotation Manager and how we use it at WakeMed, please contact NSPlacement@wakemed.org