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Nutrition & Weight Loss

More than 2 in 3 women in the United States are overweight or obese. Extra weight leads to many diseases that affect women, such as heart disease, diabetes and many cancers. Though it can be hard to discuss your weight, our WakeMed clinicians deliver compassionate care and can help you address your concerns in a confidential setting.

  • Women with a BMI of 25 to 29.9 are considered overweight.
  • Women with a BMI of 30 or more are obese.

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If you find that you are overweight or obese, we have options to help you bring your weight into the normal range. 

Nutrition Counseling

Our licensed, registered dietitians are committed to providing evidence-based, scientific nutrition advice. Nutrition counseling is offered for:

Schedule a Nutrition Counseling Appointment.

For more information, or to schedule an appointment, please call 919-350-7000 and follow the prompts. Insurance coverage and costs may vary.

Bariatric Weight Loss Surgery

WakeMed offers bariatric surgery options from our team of exceptional, experienced surgeons who care about the long-term success of their patients. Our bariatric surgery nurses, dietitians, and support staff work together to create an atmosphere to help the bariatric patient prepare for surgery, heal and succeed on their path to weight loss.

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For more information, or to schedule an appointment, please call us at 919-350-9355 or 919-350-9625. Insurance coverage and costs may vary. Our offices are conveniently located throughout the area.

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Once you’ve seen a doctor and have been cleared to start an exercise regimen, you should begin adding exercise to your daily routine to help with your weight loss. Beyond formal exercise programs, here are some simple suggestions for incorporating exercise into your daily routine:

  • Take the stairs versus the escalator or elevator.
  • Park your car further from the store entrance.
  • Walk to the mailbox instead of swinging by in the car.
  • Get rid of the remote control and move during commercial breaks.
  • Over-emphasize motion when vacuuming, raking, sweeping or washing the car.
  • Walk around the soccer field at your child's game.
  • Take the long way to office meetings and walk while waiting for a plane.
  • Get up from your computer each hour; store your sneakers underneath your desk.
  • Choose walking to your coworker’s desk to communicate as opposed to sending an email.
  • Buy a pedometer and aim to get the recommended 10,000 steps per day.

Remember, getting your exercise doesn't mean you have to purchase expensive gym equipment. Use items you have around the house, like soup cans as weights, to build strength and help tone muscles. Repeat each of the following movements 15 times:

  • Circles: With a can in each hand, make big circles, as if swimming.
  • Flying: Raise arms up to shoulder height and back down to hips, as if trying to flap your wings.
  • Curling: With palms turned forward, bend elbow bringing cans up to shoulder and back down to hips.
  • Overhead reach: Push cans from shoulders straight up over head.
  • Rowing: Lean over a chair, rest one hand on seat, reach and pull as if trying to start a lawn mower.