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Medical Weight Management

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New Patients Getting Started on the Path to Weight Loss

Losing weight isn’t easy. Having the support of a physician whose primary training is in helping patients lose weight by identifying barriers, focusing on metabolic factors, and much more is a highly effective approach. Medical weight loss (often referred to as bariatric medicine) allows patients to partner with our bariatric-trained physicians and team of support specialists to develop a customized approach to achieving a healthy weight.

WakeMed Bariatric Surgery & Medical Weight Loss offers a multidisciplinary, non-surgical approach that may include the use of many tools such as metabolic testing, nutrition counseling, exercise, psychology and medications. Our weight management program focuses not only on weight loss, but puts a new focus on your overall health care, making sure weight management is factored into the treatment of other health conditions you may have. We are passionate about being proactive with your health and aim to treat current ailments as well as decrease or prevent the future occurrence of weight-related issues.

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