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Foundation Scholarships

The WakeMed Foundation provides funding for programs, services and equipment to support strategic health system initiatives as well as financial support for WakeMed employees and their dependents interested in advancing their knowledge and skills to benefit patients and families.

If you have questions, please contact foundation@wakemed.org

Employee & Departmental Award & Education Funding Opportunities

Foundation Awards

Application Deadline: May 1

Awards for programs, services and equipment that support the strategic initiatives of the health system that otherwise may not be funded by hospital operations. The intent is to focus on innovative programs, supporting skilled caregivers and healing environments – all for the benefit of WakeMed’s patients and their families.

Please note: Applicants should confirm (with manager, VP, etc.) if a proposal through the hospital’s purchasing authorization process is needed prior to Foundation submission. If so, contingent approval is required before proceeding with the Foundation’s application process.

Foundation Awards: Any amount above $10,000

Helton Awardee

Application Deadline: Feb. 15

For a group (department or collaborative) defined as three or more, seeking education or training to prepare for a certification exam. Does not cover exam costs and certification CANNOT be a requirement of a current position.

Helton Awardee: $3,000 max per individual 

Helton Scholar

Application Deadline: February 16

Individuals seeking to complete a higher education degree. You must be currently enrolled in a program to be considered for funding.

Helton Scholar: $10,000 max per individual

Megan Champ Morgan Scholarship

Application Deadline: March 15

Employee dependents seeking to complete post-secondary education at an accredited not-for-profit institution of higher learning who intend on enrolling in one of the following areas: Health Sciences, Elementary or Secondary Education, Computer Sciences or Information Technology.

Megan Champ Morgan Scholarship: $10,000 per individual 

NEW! Enterprise-led Funding Opportunities

The WakeMed Foundation has made funds available to support ongoing education and fund a wide variety of programs, services and equipment. These funds will be administered by the leaders of our Enterprises (Raleigh Campus, Cary Hospital, North Hospital, WakeMed Physician Practices & Ambulatory Services) through a Request for Funding process.



Continuing Education Support

Application Deadline: Ongoing throughout the year

These funds are available to supplement the continuing education funds that are allocated to each department. 

Continuing Education Support: $100,000 annually (total to be awarded across all Enterprises)

Emergent Needs Small Award

Application Deadline: Ongoing throughout the year

These funds are intended to assist with smaller, more emergent projects and equipment needs. These funds are not intended to replace items that should be funded by department operations.

Enterprise Needs Small Award: $100,000 annually (total to be awarded across all Enterprises)