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Advanced Technology in the Spinal Cord Injury Rehabilitation Program

Advanced Technology

Several premier biomedical companies have partnered with the WakeMed Spinal Cord Rehabilitation Program – based on the expertise of our therapists and reputation – to offer highly advanced therapeutic equipment. The technology available at WakeMed helps patients regain their strength, reduce pain and maximize neuroplasticity for optimal recovery. Some of the equipment and technology patients may experience during their stay include:

  • Ekso NR Robotic Gait System - Robotic exoskeleton provides variable assist to promote mobility sooner in stroke patients
  • RT 300 Functional Electrical Stimulation Upper and Lower Extremity Cycles.
  • X-cite Functional electrical Stimulation System – for clinical use. This multichannel FES evokes co-ordinated muscle contractions for upper and lower extremity activity
  • InMotionArmTM is for clinical and home use. This robotic device monitors patient hand and arm movements throught high repetition activities, and offers gentle support where needed. The purchase of the technology was mode possible with the support of the WakeMed Foundation.
  • Saebo Hand Treatment Kit ( involving the SaeboFlex and SaeboGlove) and SaeboMAS are for clinical and home use. These technologies provide mobile support. The Saebo Hand Treatment Kit helps with rehabilitation of the patient’s hand and wrist. The SaeboMAS supports the weakened arm and Shoulder
  • Vector Gait and Safety System – Helps support the patient’s weight allowing them to work on balance and walking without the fear of falling.
  • Lite gait Body Support System and coordination treadmill
  • Bioness L300 Plus — Electrical stimulation to increase lower extremity strength and coordination
  • Bioness H200 — Electrical stimulation to increase upper extremity strength and function
  • FSA Pressure Mapping System - Improves pressure distribution in sitting
  • Smart Drive Wheelchair Power Assist – Provides on-demand power assist for manual wheelchair users
  • Wheelchair treadmill – used clinically for strengthening and endurance