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How to Access WakeMed Spinal Cord Injury Program Services 

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WakeMed Rehabilitation Hospital Admissions

A physician, hospital discharge planner/case manager, social worker or an insurance company case manager can request evaluation for admission to the WakeMed Rehabilitation Hospital. WakeMed Rehabilitation nurses and physicians work together to determine acceptance to the Rehabilitation Hospital within 24 hours of referral. Patients who come to WakeMed at the time they are injured can often stay at WakeMed for the entire care experience — a convenience for many patients and their families. WakeMed Rehabilitation Inpatient Admissions 

Phone: 919-350-7876 
Fax: 919-350-8791

WakeMed Rehabilitation Outpatient Services

These services include the Spinal Cord Injury Fitness Program and individualized outpatient physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy and/or Neuropsychology Services. Access to these programs is by in-state physician referral sent to the WakeMed Rehabilitation case manager.

Phone: 919-350-7876 
Fax: 919-350-08791

WakeMed Home Health Services

Patients in need of and who qualify for home health services are welcome to work with the home health provider of their choice. WakeMed Home Health Services offers in-home nursing care, nurse aide services and physical, occupational and speech therapy. 

Phone: 919-350-7990 
Fax: 919-350-0111