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Child Life Services

Our Child Life Services team works to ensure that your child has a positive and stress-free experience while in the hospital.

WakeMed Child Life Specialists are located in different departments throughout the hospital system, including the:

Childrens Day Surgery

Meet Our Child Life Specialists

Helpful Resources, Created by Our Child Life Specialists

A Better Hospital Experience for Kids

Our Child Life Specialists focus on making your child's hospitalization a good experience by:

  • Reducing stress and anxiety for children, teens and family members regarding the medical environment and experiences
  • Preparing children, teens and families for hospitalization, surgery and medical procedures according to age/development
  • Facilitating distraction and coping during medical procedures and examinations according to age/development
  • Encouraging self expression and normalization through general play, medical play and therapeutic activities
  • Providing developmentally appropriate resources/activities (playrooms, movies, video games and crafts) to promote coping
  • Supporting the emotional and educational needs of parents, siblings and family members who are with the patient
  • Facilitating educational workshops, in-services and presentations highlighting the care of pediatric patients
  • Providing emotional support for families during pediatric cases of bereavement
  • Collaborating with other medical team members to create educational resources for patients, families and medical staff

childrens childlife specialists

If you are interested in talking with a child life specialist, ask your nurse or call 919-350-8000 . You can also reach the child life specialists in each department directly.

Child Life Conference

The Child Life Specialists at WakeMed offer conferences for child life professionals and students interested in pursuing a career in child life. For more information about these conferences, please contact 919-350-8832.
Please note, the Child Life Specialists at WakeMed will not be hosting a child life conference in 2017.

View Information From Our November 2016 Conference.