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Oral tumors can develop throughout the mouth, larynx and oropharynx (back of the mouth where it connects with the throat). These tumors can be benign, precancerous (a condition that may become cancerous), or cancerous. Different types of growths may develop in different areas of the mouth and throat.

These are common locations of benign and malignant growths in the mouth and neck:

  • Larynx and hypopharynx, including the supragloittis, glottis, phyriform sinus and pharyngeal wall
  • Oral cavity, including the tongue and area throughout the mouth
  • Oropharynx, including the base of the tongue, tonsils and soft palate

Better Methods for Oral Tumor Removal

For patients who have been diagnosed with tumors of the head and neck, newer less invasive surgeries can offer not only faster recovery and less discomfort, but also an improved quality of life. In the past, removing a growth in the mouth, on the tongue, and in the throat often required large cuts into the lip and jaw that resulted in speech and swallowing difficulties.

Now, these procedures have been perfected to allow patients to undergo tumor removal without having visible scarring. Additionally, these procedures, performed by WakeMed ear, nose and throat (ENT) surgeons, offer excellent cancer control for patients with malignancies.