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Skin Cancer Surgery and Reconstruction

WakeMed ENT – Head and Neck surgery service provides a wide array of services to diagnose, treat and cure  benign and malignant head and neck diseases. Our goal is to ensure complete, evidence-based and cutting-edge care for every patient suffering from these diseases. Several of the WakeMed ENT – Head & Neck Surgery surgeons specialize in surgical management of advanced head and neck cutaneous malignancy with emphasis on managing local and regional spread of disease as well as incorporating advanced reconstructive techniques.

Common Skin Cancer and Facial Reconstruction Procedures

They routinely perform complex skin cancer excision including cancers that require extensive facial or orbital resection, parotidectomy, as well as neck dissections. They also perform facial reconstruction on patients that have undergone Mohs skin cancer surgery with techniques that range from simple closures and skin grafts, to advanced local flap reconstruction including complex nasal, lip, ear and eyelid reconstruction as well as scar revision, when necessary. These reconstruction procedures are often done under local or general anesthesia, and sometimes require two or more stages, depending on the technique needed to achieve the best aesthetic and functional results. Tissue grafting and flap techniques are frequently employed, and our practice is comfortable with facial defects of many shapes and sizes.

Advanced Reconstruction Capabilities to Manage Disease Spread

The WakeMed ENT – Head & Neck surgeons that specialize in skin cancer reconstruction have advanced cancer resection capabilities and, as a part of their practice, are able to manage perineural spread of cutaneous malignancies and fully resect the spread of disease to the skull base. They operate in previously radiated fields, perform salvage surgery and extend surgical care to other aspects of the head and neck to include the mouth, throat, orbits and sinuses.

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Next day OR is available for patients in need of general anesthesia to complete cancer resection or reconstruction. To find a doctor specializing in head & neck skin cancer surgery and reconstruction, please call 919-350-3277.