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WakeMed Urgent Cares closed at 4:30 pm on December 10. All other WakeMed Physician Practices were closed on December 10. 

On December 11, many services will open at 10 am, and WakeMed Physician Practices, including Urgent Cares, will be opening at 11 am.

See a detailed list of closings and delays.

Remember, our hospitals and emergency departments are always open.


WakeMed provides a comprehensive package of benefits and services to help employees:

  • Meet their personal needs throughout employment.
  • Provide for personal or family illness, death or disability
  • Plan and prepare for retirement

For information about specific eligibility and enrollment requirements or to obtain applications, contact the Benefits Department at 919-350-8143 or refer to the Benefits policies or handbook.

Follow the links below to access the websites of each of our benefit vendors:

WakeMed Network
WakeMed is proud to offer employees a preferred level of benefit coverage including reduced copays, coinsurance and deductibles for providers in the WakeMed Network, which includes WakeMed services provided at any of our in- and outpatient locations, as well as:

A full list of providers in the WakeMed Network is posted on the WakeMedWeb (under For the Employee).