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I found out about Supportive Birth Services when the program was just starting; it came up in my Instagram feed. I was eight months pregnant and had experienced birth trauma from my first delivery with my son — to the point that I never wanted to deliver another child at that hospital. I'd heard great things about WakeMed North Hospital, and that, along with Supportive Birth Services, convinced me this was the place and service program for me.

I connected with Betsy for intake. She scheduled me for a consultation with WakeMed labor and delivery nurse Katie. And, it was the perfect connection because I'd already met Katie when she gave me my iron infusion IV. She remembered me and made me feel very comfortable and heard. I was assured that when it came time for labor, I would not be brushed off or made to feel like a number. 

When the day came, they found my file, and my wishes were honored. I delivered my daughter, Myla, without any drugs and in the birthing position I preferred. After discharge, Betsy, of Supportive Birth Services, contacted me to see how we were doing. She also mailed a lovely card signed by the nurses who cared for me during my labor and delivery.

I had very low confidence in medical professionals when I found out about Supportive Birth Services, but they helped bridge the gap between what I hoped for and what happened. To women who are considering this program, I want them to know that Supportive Birth Services can help.

Jennifer LeeMY TESTIMONY Jennifer L.

I used Supportive Birth Services because past trauma causes me to have panic attacks when undergoing medical procedures. I was very nervous about hospitalization and potential interventions during birth and wanted to avoid having another traumatic medical experience.

It was wonderful to be able to go into WakeMed Cary Hospital beforehand and discuss my history and concerns with a supportive nurse who walked me through what my hospitalization would look like. This helped me to set up my birth preferences document and feel more prepared going into my birth.

I was also extremely grateful to be able to discuss health and personal topics which were triggering to me and to share the background regarding my past traumatic experiences. While it is always difficult to discuss, I felt good knowing that I only had to do it once (and not during active labor) and that everyone on my care team would be made aware. That took one more worry off my plate. I had peace knowing I would not have to explain my history over and over again, nor would someone well-intentioned bring up a topic which was sensitive for me.

I would recommend this service to other women because it is one more step in being well-prepared to give birth, especially for those who are nervous or have reservations about being in a hospital environment. For women who have had traumatic medical or hospital experiences in the past, I highly recommend it. My birth experience was so positive. I felt it was a healing experience for me. I might be better able to handle medical procedures going forward now that I've had a positive and supportive experience.