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Orthopaedic Surgery

Whether you have pain from degenerative arthritis, a broken foot from a fall or have recently twisted your knee during a pick-up game of basketball, you need an experienced team of orthopaedic specialists who can restore your quality of life.

At WakeMed, we have assembled some the most respected and well-trained orthopaedic surgeons in the southeast who can quickly evaluate, diagnose and treat conditions and injuries to the spine, hip, knee, shoulder, elbow, foot and hand.

These skilled surgeons offer sports medicine, joint replacement, minimally invasive procedures, physical therapy, pain management for arthritic joints and more. Each is an expert in their own specialized area of the body and offer the best, most-advanced care available in the region.

While many conditions can be treated conservatively with rest, physical therapy and pain management, some require surgery to relieve pain and restore mobility. The orthopaedic surgeons on the medical staff at WakeMed are trained in the latest in minimally invasive surgeries to help minimize your discomfort, reduce your recovery time and help you regain control of your life.

Whether your goal is to return to the basketball court or to enjoy a leisurely walk with your dog each morning, these orthopaedic surgeons, backed by WakeMed’s dedicated clinical staff, can provide you with the relief you need to enjoy your life again.

WakeMed’s orthopaedic surgeons perform minimally invasive surgeries:



Shoulder & Elbow

Hand & Wrist

Neck & Back