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Nutrition Services

Helping children and adults prevent illness, manage chronic disease and maintain a healthy weight

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The foods you choose play an important role in managing your health. WakeMed Nutrition Services is here to help.

Whether you are leaving the hospital or being referred by your primary care physician or other provider, you may benefit from working with a registered dietitian (RD). Our goal is to help you focus on behavioral and lifestyle changes designed to prevent and treat disease and achieve optimal long-term health.

How We Can Help

WakeMed Nutrition Services offers:

  • Diet and nutrition information and counseling on a variety of topics, including pediatric nutrition, heart disease and weight management
  • Medical nutrition therapy to support treatments for celiac disease, diabetes, cancer treatment and other medical conditions
  • Nutrition education and resources

Whether you're coping with cancer or diabetes, or balancing the increased nutrition demands of sports training, our network of registered dietitians can guide you toward enhanced well-being.

Personalized Nutrition Counseling

WakeMed’s registered dietitians are available to help you treat and prevent disease and improve your quality of life. We can help you manage and/or prevent a range of health conditions and offer personalized nutrition counseling for:

For more information, or to schedule an appointment, please call or have your physician FAX a referral to us. Insurance coverage and costs may vary.

Phone: 919-350-7000, option 1, then option 2
FAX: 919-350-8959