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Postpartum Support Group

Post Partum

We will now offer virtual support groups.

Our Post-Partum Support Group which will run Wednesdays at 10:30 am and our Breastfeeding Support Group will run Wednesdays at 5:00pm.

  • Please email Kerri Kristoff at KKRISTOFF@wakemed.org if you’re interested in joining the Post-Partum Support Group
  • Please email Christina Williams at CHWILLIAMS@wakemed.org if you’re interested in joining the Breastfeeding Support Group.

A weekly support group offered by WakeMed for any mother who is seeking support and community surrounding the postpartum period up to the first 24 months postpartum. The group is free, peer-led and judgement-free. Mothers can come as often as they like. It is a confidential and safe place for discussing feelings, sharing stories and talking about solutions. Babies under one year are welcome to attend.

Call 919-350-8235 or email Shavonne Brewington for more information.