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Breast Imaging

When it comes to fighting breast cancer, early detection is the best defense. WakeMed Imaging Services offers comprehensive breast imaging and related testing to help physicians find and treat breast cancer at its earliest stage.

WakeMed Cary and North Hospitals are designated as Designated Comprehensive Breast Imaging Center with the American College of Radiology.

Digital Mammography

Advanced screening and diagnostic mammography are conveniently available in WakeMed locations across Wake County.

Digital mammography is faster than traditional film mammography because it eliminates the need for film development. Breast images are immediately sent to a radiologist and viewed for diagnosis on a high-resolution monitor.

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Breast MRI 

Breast MRI

Breast MRI is used in addition to mammography to evaluate the breast, lymph nodes and surrounding muscle for breast cancer or abnormalities.

Physicians may recommend a breast MRI for women with strong family histories of breast cancer (i.e. mother, sister diagnosed with breast cancer before age 50).

If breast cancer is present, a breast MRI helps the physician determine its size and if it has impacted the surrounding lymph nodes or muscle. We also use breast MRI to evaluate lumpectomy sites, non-cancerous breast abnormalities and implants.


Breast Biopsy

When we need a sample of a breast abnormality (cyst, suspicious mass), we use highly advanced equipment to assist in locating the abnormal area.

To ensure accuracy, the doctor might use ultrasound to watch the needle on a screen as it moves toward and into the mass. Or the doctor may use a method called stereotactic needle biopsy to guide the needle.

During a stereotactic needle biopsy, computers map the exact location of the mass using mammograms taken from two angles.

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Breast Ultrasound

This technology helps physicians determine if a breast lump is solid or filled with fluid.

Ultrasound is also helpful in guiding the physician when performing a breast biopsy and in finding breast abnormalities in women with dense breast tissue.

Like breast MRI, it is not a replacement for mammography; it is a supplement, giving the physician more information to make a diagnosis.

Breast Mammography and Patient Stories