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Breastfeeding Support

Our Team

At WakeMed, we offer one full-time, dedicated lactation consultant who will visit with you regularly, while you are a patient, to provide uninterrupted physical and emotional support. All of our post-partum nurses have breastfeeding support training so they can be of assistance to you as well. We welcome your questions and will work with you to ensure you are using the most effective, proven techniques in a way that is most comfortable for you and your baby. 

What You'll Learn from Your Lactation Specialist

Our lactation specialists possess a wealth of knowledge and are widely known among our new breastfeeding mothers as a trusted resource. We believe that education, assistance and one-on-one support are essential to successful breastfeeding, whether you are holding your first child or your fourth. Every baby is different, and we are here to meet and exceed your and your baby’s individual needs. 

Because breastfeeding can bring with it a lot of challenges, our goal is to be an expert resource for you during your baby’s first few days of life. In addition to breastfeeding techniques, you will learn many things from our lactation consultant and nursing staff, such as: 

  • How to understand your baby’s hunger cues and feeding habits 
  • Why an earlier nipple latch can increase milk production 
  • Why skin-to-skin contact is so beneficial 
  • How to differentiate between a “hunger suck” and a non-nutritive or “comfort suck” 

Benefits of Breastfeeding

We believe that breast milk is the most pure and nutritionally beneficial food that you can offer your baby. Breast milk contributes so much to a baby’s health and development, including a reduction in allergies, a stronger immune system, and a reduction in illness and disease. Formula itself cannot provide the same protection that passes to a baby from the antibodies in a mother’s milk. 

Additionally, human milk helps develop and seal a baby’s gastrointestinal tract for life. However, as a patient and a mother, you have the choice to breastfeed your baby or not. Whatever you choose, we will support your decision and help you care for your baby in every way that we possibly can.

 breastfeedingsupport.jpgClasses, Education & Support Groups

Even before the birth of your baby, we want to help you learn more about the benefits of breastfeeding and how to prepare. WakeMed offers a Breastfeeding class called “Breastfeeding: Getting a Great Start” at several of our area locations, including WakeMed North Hospital. (Search for Classes

Additionally, we host Breastfeeding Support Groups for moms who feel they will benefit from additional support and camaraderie, as well as the opportunity to speak and share with other moms. Also, learn more about WakeMed's free Breastfeeding Support Groups.

Breast Pump Rental Program

WakeMed offers a Breast Pump Rental Program through the hospital gift shop. Cost is $85 (plus tax) for two-week rentals and $125 (plus tax) per month. Rental pumps must be returned within the rental period. Otherwise, the contract will renewal with payment withdrawn from the card on file. Breast pumps must be returned clean and with all parts in good repair. If parts are missing or broken, additional charges may be assessed. Visit the gift shop to learn more.

Read the Breastfeeding Your Baby brochure, also provided to you during your stay at the hospital. After discharge, if you have questions or need help working with your baby, call the WakeMed Lactation Center at 919-350-5742.

breastfeeding award

WakeMed Women's Pavilion & Birthplace (Raleigh & Cary) Granted International Board of Lactation Consultant Examiners (IBLCE) Care Award: The IBCLC Care Award recognizes hospitals, birthing facilities, and birthing services that have International Board Certified Lactation Consultants (IBCLCs) and have a dedicated lactation support program available at least five days a week. Learn more in this video.