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Soccer Strength Training

These strength training exercises from WakeMed Rehab build muscles in the legs and core while improving stability in the knees, hips and ankles.

Single Calf Raises

Stand upright and bend the left knee. Use the knee to maintain balance. Rise up on your right toes. Repeat 30 repetitions and then switch to the other side.


Lunge forward leading with your right leg and drop your back knee straight down. Maintain a straight back so your shoulders are over your hips. Return to standing and then lunge forward with your left leg. Perform 30 repetitions on each side.

Single Leg Swings

Stand on your right leg with your knee slightly bent. Maintain balance while swinging the left leg forward and back. Repeat on the other leg. Perform 3 repetitions of 20 seconds each. Then perform same exercise while swinging leg side to side in front of you, for three repetitions for 20 seconds each.


Stand upright with feet apart and pointing forward, weight through the heels. Slowly bend your knees and then return to starting position. Maintain a straight back. Perform 30 repetitions.


While kneeling, have a partner hold onto your ankles. Maintaining a straight back, lean forward leading with your hips. Then return to upright kneeling. Perform three sets of 10.


With the ball on the ground, lie flat on your back and place your heels on top of the ball. Bend your knees slightly and raise your hips off of the ground by pushing down through your heels. Slowly lower yourself to the ground.


Lying on your stomach, place your forearms on the ground. Prop yourself on your elbows and forearms. Keep your body in-line and push your stomach off the ground. Maintain this position for one minute.

Abdominal Cross-Over

In a seated position, bend your knees and raise your feet off of the ground. Hold the ball at the center of your body with both hands. Cross over and touch the ground on one side without letting your feet touch the ground. Repeat from sideto- side. Keep your stomach muscles tight and maintain a straight posture with your neck and back.

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