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Rehab Hospital Admissions

WakeMed Rehabilitation Hospital

A physician, hospital discharge planner/case manager, social worker, or insurance company case manager can request an Admissions Evaluation for WakeMed Rehabilitation Hospital. Once a referral is received in the WakeMed Rehab Admissions Department, a designated admissions representative, will work with your physician, case manager, social workers, and other care providers to determine the right level of rehabilitative care that you will need and benefit from. The Rehab admissions representative will work with you, your team, and your insurance company to determine your appropriate rehab discharge plan.

WakeMed Rehabilitation Inpatient Admissions 

Phone: 919-350-7876 

Fax: 919-350-8791

Outpatient Services 

Once you no longer need hospitalization, you can continue therapy at one of WakeMed’s many outpatient rehabilitation centers located throughout the region. When receiving outpatient therapy services, each patient’s schedule is individualized and determined by your therapists after you have been evaluated. Therapies offered include occupational therapy, physical therapy and speech therapy. An appointment can be scheduled at any of WakeMed’s Outpatient Rehab locations.

Phone: 919-350-7422 

Fax: 919-350-8559

Home Health 

Once you are no longer in need of hospitalization, you may be able to go home independently or with assistance from family or loved ones. If you need a home-based therapy program, WakeMed Home Health may be able to provide just the right level of care and rehab therapy. WakeMed Home Health offers in-home intermittent skilled nursing care, nurse aide services, and physical, occupational and speech therapy. However, if you do need and qualify for home health services patients are welcome to work with the home health provider of their choice.

Phone: 919-350-7990 

Fax: 919-350-0111

WakeMed Healthworks

WakeMed’s fitness experts help patients design a fitness plan to rebuild body strength and muscle tone. With a structured plan that has specific goals, patients can return to a more normal lifestyle and discover activities and programs that are interesting and supportive of their recovery. Our physical or occupational therapist works with patients to create a customized fitness program. We work one-on-one with each patient, helping to track progress, lending support and revising fitness goals as needed.

We encourage patients to continue their fitness training at WakeMed so that they have access to the experts on our training/fitness staff.

Phone: 919-350-8602