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Operations and Outcome FY23  
Total volunteer hours contributed: 198,315.75
Individuals participating in programs:  1,155
Average # volunteers per month: 96
FTE Equivalent:  95
Salary Equivalent WakeMed: $6,306,441
Who Serves  
Adult Volunteers: 357
College Student Volunteers: 116
Number of Colleges Represented: 15
High School Student Volunteers: 129
High Schools Represented: 28
Sewing Individuals/Groups: 545
Volunteers Hired by WakeMed: 5
Candidates Interviewed: 369
New Volunteers Started:  371
Special Projects Completed:  21
Departments Served:  97
New Volunteer Placements Developed: 10
Hospitality Pet Teams:  6
Where our Volunteers Served: Raleigh Campus
  Cary Hospital
  North Hospital
  Brier Creek Healthplex Emergency Department
  Garner Healthplex Emergency Department
  Outpatient Rehab Locations
  Raleigh Medical Park
  Medical Park of Cary
  Business and Corporate Centers
Impact on Patient Experiences  
Mended Heart Program Cardiac Patients Visited: 137 
Friendly Face Cart Program Patients Visited: 3,031
Sewing Program Handmade Items Donated to Patients: 21,939
Hospitality Pet Program Patients and Staff Visited: 12,003
Courtesy Cart Program Rides provided by Volunteers: 4,628