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Stereotactic Biopsy

At times, the best way to make a definitive diagnosis is through biopsy. Our team of neurosurgeons do this by using a procedure called stereotactic biopsy. The minimally invasive surgery uses a tiny incision to reach the tumor and remove a sample for analysis. This helps the neurosurgeon accurately diagnose the type of tumor.

Stereotactic biopsy uses three-dimentional imaging to target the area of the brain. Using MRI and CT scans, along with a 3-D workstation, it ensures that the incision is precisely on the mark to get a tumor sample without disturbing other tissue.

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Using four pins and a local anesthetic, a head ring is secured on the patient’s head. A CT scan is done to map inside the area. Once inside the operating room, the patient is sedated and an incision that is a couple of millimeters long is made through the skin. A tiny hole is drilled into the skull. Using the computer workstation as guidance, the neurosurgeon inserts a biopsy needle into the brain just above the tumor site. A small sample is removed and sent for evaluation. Most patients are discharged after a few hours of observation.