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Each year, the WakeMed Foundation’s Community Campaign offers an opportunity to support hospital programs and services. We sat down with Margaret Worten, a local marketing executive and Community Campaign Volunteer, to talk about why serving WakeMed matters to her.

Margaret Worten Celebrates the Scope of WakeMed’s Work

Margaret Worten doesn’t work in medicine or health care, but WakeMed is an integral part of her life. “Once you become aware of the scope of work WakeMed is doing, it pops up everywhere. Stories and connections are in my day-to-day now,” she says. “Along with extraordinary care for all — which they provide every single day — WakeMed is pushing the envelope with research and new pilot programs. They go above and beyond the perception of what a community hospital can be.”

‘Tell Me What’s Important to You’

“I was naively unaware of the number of moving parts within the WakeMed system,” Margaret says with a laugh. It’s one of the reasons she encourages everyone to give to WakeMed — every single gift can make an impact in some way. “Tell me what’s important to you and I can find a way that WakeMed is working on that. We can combine your passions with WakeMed’s mission. The ‘care for all’ and innovation make an amazing impact.”

Behavioral Health

For Margaret, what’s important is behavioral health. “I have addiction and mental health on both sides of my family, so they’re areas I feel strongly about. I’ve decided to make my impact by directing my dollars to WakeMed’s behavioral health program.”

Inspiring Community

What Margaret loves the most about supporting WakeMed is its community — both the team making everything happen from within, and their impact in our greater Triangle area. “As impressive as the work that WakeMed is doing is the community that they have,” Margaret says. “The team at WakeMed is like a family. It’s a place where you walk in and everyone knows your name and your face. WakeMed cares about their employees and their patients, and it shows.”

Margaret has lived in Raleigh for four years, and she thought she might move around more before laying down permanent roots. Now, she’s not so sure. “Having a hospital like WakeMed is one of the reasons I want to stay in this community. WakeMed wants our community to thrive and they want to make it better.”

About Margaret Worten

Margaret Worten is the Vice President of Client Development at Southport Graphics, a local full-service printing company. She has been involved with WakeMed for over two years, primarily with the WakeMed Foundation Community Campaign. As a Community Campaign Volunteer, Margaret solicits donations from fellow community members far and wide and participates in monthly meetings with other Campaign Volunteers to hear impact stories and learn about WakeMed.

What is the Community Campaign?

Each year, the WakeMed Foundation Community Campaign offers an opportunity for the community — for you — to support hospital programs and services. Foundation board members and volunteers raise donations and sponsorships of every amount from existing and new donors. One hundred percent of donated dollars go directly to fund programs and services to support patient care in all areas of the hospital. Creating healing environments. Providing innovative programs. Investing in skilled and compassionate caregivers. Supporting the urgent needs of our patients and families. Donations make it all possible. Your gift truly helps save and transform lives. Make a gift now.

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