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An insulin pump is an external device that delivers insulin underneath the skin continuously. It replaces insulin shot therapy, and when used properly, can optimize glycemic control and provide patients with greater flexibility, particularly regarding meals.

There is a monthly class held in the community that is open to the public and can provide you with more information about insulin pump therapy and different pump options.Here at WakeMed Physician Practices - Pediatric Endocrinology, approximately 50 percent of our patients with Type 1 diabetes use an insulin pump. We have developed tools & resources to assist families with the transition to insulin pump therapy (see below).

Insulin pump therapy is not recommended for all patients; our physicians and diabetes team can help you decide if an insulin pump is the best treatment option for you and your child.


The Insulin Pump Start Process

Before starting insulin pump therapy, all of our patients must review our Guide to Insulin Pump Therapy, and pass the Insulin Pump Readiness Quiz, which is based on this handout. Patients 13 years and older must also take and pass this quiz, separately from parents. This quiz can be printed using the link below. You may fax completed quiz(es) to 919-231-0314, or bring it to your child’s next visit.

Once the quiz has been passed, and your child’s physician approves insulin pump therapy, we will work with your insurance company and the pump manufacturer to order supplies. We will then schedule you and your child for a Pump Training Visit in our office. At this visit, you will meet with our Certified Diabetes Educator (CDE) and a certified insulin pump trainer, and review how to use the insulin pump. You will have 1 week at home to practice using the new insulin pump with saline (salt water). The following week, you will return to the clinic to initiate use of the pump with insulin.

Please note that this entire process can take 1-3 months to complete.

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