Cold and Flu Season Can Be a Monster

Flu & Cold Season Can Be A Monster

Help us protect our patients, families and staff from RSV and the flu by following these visitation restrictions currently in effect.

  • No visitors under the age of 12 are allowed in patient care areas.
  • Please do not visit patients if you are experiencing fever, vomiting, diarrhea or cold or flu-like symptoms.

Rotator Cuff Repair

That pain in your shoulder might go away on its own, and then again it might not.  A rotator cuff tear can be a debilitating painful injury to the group of muscles and tendons that form over the shoulder providing stability and strength.

Our orthopedists use a variety of minimally-invasive, state-of-the-art techniques to repair torn tissue that result from either sports-related or occupational injuries. Our surgeons can perform open repair procedures for more serious injuries, as well as arthroscopic procedures that use small cameras inserted into the shoulder, allowing the surgeon to perform micro repairs to damaged tissue.