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Amphetamines Crossreactivity Table

 Compound Conc. (Ug/mL)  Effect
d-Methamphetamine (cutoff)  1 Positive
d-Amphetamine    1 Positive
Methylenedioxyamphetamine (MDA)   2.5 Positive
Methylenedioxymethamphetamine (MDMA)    2.5 Positive
Acetaminophen   1000  Negative
Acetylsalicylic Acid   1000  Negative
l-Amphetamine   12.5  Negative
Benzoylecgonine   1000  Negative
Benzphetamine   20  Negative
Bupropion   50  Negative
Buspirone   1000  Negative
Caffeine   1000  Negative
Chlorpromazine   500  Negative
Codeine   1000  Negative
Dextromethorphan   1000  Negative
d-Ephedrine   3000  Negative
d,l-Ephedrine   700  Negative
l-Ephedrine   350 Negative
Fenfluramine   4 Negative
3-Hydroxy-Tyramine   500  Negative
Isoxsuprine   100  Negative
Meperidine   1000  Negative
Mephentermine   25  Negative
Methadone   1000  Negative
l-Methamphetamine   10  Negative
Methapyrilene   500  Negative
Morphine   1000  Negative
Nor-pseudoephedrine   1000  Negative
Oxazepam   500  Negative
Phencyclidine   1000  Negative
Phendimetrazine   200  Negative
Phenethylamine   10  Negative
Phenmetrazine   50  Negative
Phenobarbital   1000  Negative
Phenothiazine   10  Negative
Phentermine   25  Negative
Phenylephrine   500 Negative
Phenylpropanolamine (PPA)   250  Negative
Procainamide   20  Negative
Promethazine   500  Negative
Propranolol   200  Negative
d-Pseudoephedrine   250  Negative
l-Pseudoephedrine   3000  Negative
Ranitidine   1000  Negative
Scopolamine   100  Negative
Secobarbital   1000  Negative
Setraline   1000  Negative
Thioridazine   1000  Negative
Trifluoperazine   1000  Negative
Triflupromazine   1000  Negative
Trazodone   1000  Negative
Tyramine   500  Negative
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a   It is possible that other substances and/or factors (e.g., technical or procedural) not listed above may interfere with the test and cause false results.
b   Data shown was collected using SYNCHRON CX Systems. Equivalency between SYNCHRON LX Systems has been established by correlation analysis to SYNCHRON CX Systems.

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