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Patient Testimonials

WakeMed employees, physicians and volunteers are all unique, talented and contribute so much to our community every day.

If you have a story to share simply complete the form to share your experience or email your story to share@wakemed.org and we will contact you directly if additional information is needed.

Stories From the Blog

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"Thought it was the flu, but my PC knew it was a heart attack" - Steve Swayne's Story

Steve Swayne is committed to living healthfully. He believes a long life of energy and vitality requires ...

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139 Pounds Down and Counting — Kristina Plane's Duodenal Switch Story

Losing weight is tough and the busier life is — with work, family and more — the harder it is t...

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160 Pounds Lighter and Feeling Great: Daryl Stuart's Duodenal Switch Story

Daryl Stuart has dreams of one day walking his daughter down the aisle for her wedding. Suffering years o...

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3 Firsts for WakeMed Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery A Pediatric Burn Story

On Saturday, August 27, 2022, Moesha, her partner and their two children were involved in a traffic accident. Immediately after the crash, Moesha and her partner jumped out of the vehicle to check on the children. Moesha’s daughter was fine, but their son, Gonnie, was nowhere to be found. Gonnie’s door was ripped off with […]

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600 Ounces and Counting — Why Sarah Dugger Gives to the WakeMed Mothers' Milk Bank

Giving is good for the soul. In fact, there is scientific evidence that altruistic people receive pleasure from being generous. This is certainly the case with Sarah Dugger, PhD, a wife, mother of two and clinical genomic scientist. Her life’s work is dedicated to giving help and hope to people with medical conditions to improve […]

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A Bug Bite Like No Other — Raven McCrindle's Battle with Testicular Cancer

On an unseasonably warm North Carolina day, Raven McCrindle went outside to do some yard work. Days of sunshine and spring-like temperatures had caused the grass to awaken from dormancy. Raven says, “While I was outside mowing the lawn, a bug bit me on my inner thigh.” A Life-Saving Bug Bite Before long, the bug […]

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A Healing Journey at WakeMed Childrens

Twice a week, Jack Montgomery drives himself to WakeMed for outpatient therapy. He’s pretty proud of that because not that long ago, there was a lot of uncertainty about his future mobility and independence after a frightening car accident in June 2021 left him with a spinal cord injury, concussion and broken clavicle. It was […]

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A Legacy of Heartfelt Care Dr Jimmy Locklears Dedicated Service Through the Years

Jimmy Locklear, MD, FACC, launched his medical career in 1985 and has since been a beacon for compassionate patient care. Board certified in internal medicine and cardiovascular diseases, Dr. Locklear has been a part of the Medical Staff at WakeMed his entire career. He joined WakeMed Heart & Vascular full-time after more than two decades […]

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A New Beginning After Bariatric Surgery Jamie Michaels Story

Obesity impacted every aspect of Jamie Michael’s life, from numerous health issues to isolation from loved ones. Eventually, with the help of his primary care provider, Marie Debnam, MD, Jamie determined that medical intervention was no longer an option; it was necessary. So, on January 15, 2021, Jamie underwent gastric bypass surgery. “I decided to […]

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A Steady Pace Wins the Race Dina Cobbs Pacemaker Story

In June 2022, upon turning 59 years old, Dina Cobb was determined to lower her BMI and get in better physical shape before her 60th birthday. She began taking an FDA-approved prescription medication for weight loss. Three weeks in, Dina started experiencing lightheaded episodes that worsened as the days progressed. Thinking she was having side […]

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A Supportive Space for Mom and Baby at WakeMed North Hospital — Asia's Labor and Delivery Story

A Horrifying Labor and Delivery Experience Having a baby is always an unpredictable experience, especially for first-time moms. A caring, compassionate health care team can bridge the gap between what a mom understands about labor and delivery and how she goes about making the experience memorable and positive. Unfortunately, for mom Asia Batton, this was […]

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A Team that Demands the Best for Atrial Fibrillation Care Courtney Ammons Story

“I would have periodic episodes of a very rapid heart rate, and I discounted them for about six months,” shares Courtney Ammons, a Wake County high school chemistry teacher. Because she had hyperthyroidism, she experienced rapid heart beats occasionally, so she assumed this was an unwanted side effect of her condition. After an eventful day […]


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