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Diagnostic Testing

From traditional exercise treadmill tests to more complex imaging studies, you can be assured that WakeMed's Cardiovascular Testing Department has the technology and expertise to determine the presence of cardiovascular disease.

Our diagnostic tests help cardiologists, cardiovascular surgeons and radiologists, who are trained in interpreting cardiovascular studies, conclude how to effectively treat your heart disease.

Staffed by a team of certified technologists who are skilled in performing cardiac testing, the Cardiovascular Testing Department is committed to working together with heart patients and their doctors by performing tests that provide clear results to find and treat cardiovascular disease.

Cardiovascular Testing Performed at WakeMed

Here are the most common cardiovascular tests that we offer at WakeMed locations:

Tests for Heart Disease, Heart Failure, & Chest Pain

Tests for Peripheral Vascular Disease

  • Ankle-Brachial Index
  • Carotid Duplex
  • Evaluation of Venous Insufficiency & Radiofrequency Ablation Therapy
  • Peripheral Vascular Visceral Testing
  • Surgical Mapping
  • Upper and Lower Extremity Venous Duplex
  • Upper and Lower Extremity Arterial Duplex

Tests for Afib, Abnormal or Irregular Heart

Effective Cardiovascular Treatment in Wake County, NC

Cardiac DiagnosticsOur two comprehensive testing sites – WakeMed Heart Center on the WakeMed Raleigh Campus and Cary Hospital Cardiopulmonary Services – offer nearly every possible test that will get to the heart of your cardiac condition.

While these locations are some of the busiest cardiac testing centers in the state, you can be assured that all patients are a priority, and we strive to provide the most efficient service to meet your needs.