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Brain Injury Program

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WakeMed Rehab — Brain Injury Rehabilitation System (BIRS)

WakeMed's Brain Injury Rehabilitation System (BIRS) is the area's largest and most comprehensive brain injury program, serving over 200 brain injury survivors a year. Our inpatient hospital and outpatient brain injury programs are CARF accredited for adults and children & adolescents. 

It is an integrated continuum of care capable of providing rehabilitative services to brain injury survivors of all levels of acuity and severity. Rehabilitative services are often initiated within 24 hours of injury. Other regional trauma centers often refer patients for rehabilitative services as soon as they are medically stabilized. 

The goal of early intervention is to prevent secondary disability and shorten acute hospital stays by facilitating transition to a full rehabilitation setting sooner. When it comes to brain injury, early rehabilitation intervention is associated with better outcomes. 

  • Acute Care
    Brain injury services are provided as part of the Brain Injury Rehab System. For patients with moderate to severe traumatic brain injury, the attending physician may write an order for a Brain Injury Consult, which initiates services by the Brain Injury team. Team members include speech-language pathologists, physical therapists, occupational therapists, neuropsychologists and admissions representatives. Because the team is highly coordinated, early interventions to maximize recovery and improve outcomes are possible. For patients with milder brain injuries who notice difficulties with thinking or memory skills during hospitalization, their attending physician may write an order for a Mild Brain Injury Consult. A team member will assess the patient’s memory and thinking skills and provide recommendations and outpatient follow up as needed.
  • Rehabilitation Hospital 
    An inpatient rehabilitation hospital serving more moderate brain injury survivors. These patients receive 24-hour rehabilitation nursing, participate in three hours of therapy per day. Treatment is driven by the patient's level of cognitive function and recovery.
  • Outpatient Intensive Neuro Rehabilitation 
    Our specially trained physical therapists, occupational therapists and speech therapists excel in evaluating and treating adults and older children after stroke, spinal cord injury, traumatic brain injury, concussion and other neurological conditions. These passionate therapists work on-on-one with patients to help them achieve their goals. Patients and the therapists have access to specially designed technology to help patients regain and improve their function.

Forms & Information for Patients

For more information about services offered through WakeMed Rehab, please call 919-350-7876