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DAISY Award Winner

Each month, an outstanding WakeMed nurse is presented with a DAISY Award to recognize the super-human work that nurses do every day.


September 2019 Winner: Farooq Fareed
WakeMed Raleigh Campus - Clinical Nurse, Medical ICU
Nominated by: a peer

Below is an excerpt from the DAISY Award nominations written about you:

As an ICU nurse, I have been in many situations where my co-workers and I are the only ones standing in between a patient and the grave. Yesterday was one of those days. With less than 10 minutes warning, we received a patient into our unit. She had just had a baby; and she was hemorrhaging.

All 5 nurses, plus myself, gathered into the room with the doctors…. “We need more help!” was my cry. Although fully staffed, it took everyone working together to save one life. Our other 8 patients were also critically ill, but who was left to take care of them?

Farooq rushed over to our unit. He started with the first beeping machine, and worked his way through all the rooms of the unit. He sent off critical labs and checked blood sugars. He helped clean a patient. He helped the nurses in the unit get caught up on their routine morning tasks. Farooq doesn’t work on our unit; he wasn’t obligated to help us. He could have been too busy. I am sure there were plenty of things for him to do with the patients in his own unit, but that is not the kind of nurse Farooq is. This isn’t the first time we have turned to him for help when things were difficult, and he has offered assistance every time.

Any time he is walking through, he will take time to answer a ringing call bell or stop a beeping IV pump. He is a regular presence in nearly every unit on the Raleigh campus starting ultrasound-guided IVs. He is always available for every patient in WakeMed who needs a helping hand; the picture of an extraordinary nurse.

Thank you Farooq – “We are Proud You are a WakeMed Nurse!”


July 2019 Winner: Tisha Brown
WakeMed Raleigh Campus - Clinical Informatics Specialist
Nominated by: a peer

Below is an excerpt from the DAISY Award nominations written about you:

When doing nurse leader rounding, one of our patients just had 17 tubes of blood drawn, scheduled for another test, and when I asked her “What else” she said her granddaughter would be graduating soon and she knew she wouldn’t be able to attend. The patient had information for live streaming the program but had spent hours already trying to get it to work without success. She just looked at me, cried saying she was just so tired and frustrated.

This patient has a very poor prognosis and tried to be positive but this was her breaking point. I know IT isn’t here for patient’s personal laptop assistance, but I thought of calling Tisha. Within 10 minutes Tisha was in the patient’s room to help. Tisha took pictures on the patient’s phone that would show her each step of the way so she could remember how to get there on graduation day.

Tisha could have easily told me she was busy or couldn’t assist and I would have believed either response because I thought it was a long shot she would come. I am so thankful for what Tisha did. The patient doesn’t have much joy in her life at this point but seeing her granddaughter graduate is what she is living for. This made such a huge impact on the patient’s day. I am thankful for Tisha’s willingness to help.”

Thank you Tisha – “We are Proud You are a WakeMed Nurse!”


June 2019 Winner: Desiree Clonch
WakeMed Cary Hospital - Clinical Nurse, Women's Pavilion & Birthplace
Nominated by: a patient

Below is an excerpt from the DAISY Award nominations written about you:

Desiree had no idea that I’d spent the last 30 minutes crying uncontrollably and feeling helpless and inadequate as a new parent. Just when I was at my worst point, Desiree came into the room full of positive energy and answers. She truly listened to my concerns. She spent well over an hour going through options for supplemental feeding while being open and supportive of our concerns and preferences. She worked all the necessary vital checks and labs around our feedings so we could maximize sleep. I was very sad when her shift ended.

As a PA with many years of experience in healthcare, she exemplified the care I want for my patients, my family, and most of all, my newborn daughter. Great work Desiree!

Thank you Desiree – “We are Proud You are a WakeMed Nurse!”


May 2019 Winner: Karen Brown
WakeMed Cary Hospital - Clinical Nurse, 5A Med Intermediate Care
Nominated by: a patient

Below is an excerpt from the DAISY Award nominations written about you:

“Karen is a great gift to the nursing profession and WakeMed.  I spent almost a month in the hospital away from my family.  I was talking to Karen about missing my grandkids and missing all of their birthdays.  Karen could see this was upsetting to me.  So Karen took it upon herself to arrange for me to see my grandkids!  She covered all the details, including contacting my son to arrange a time they could all come to visit.  Karen went above and beyond my expectations. 

Seeing my grandkids smile really made my day! ”

Thank you Karen – “We are Proud You are a WakeMed Nurse!”


April 2019 Winner: Lynnette Lux
WakeMed Cary Hospital - Clinical Nurse, 1 East Clinical Eval Area
Nominated by: a patient

Below is an excerpt from the DAISY Award nominations written about you:

“As a 21-year career U.S. Marine, I have witnessed the treatments and horrors of war for 13 months in Korea and again for 12+ months in Vietnam.  There may be other outstanding nurses like Lynnette Lux, but I never experienced one nor heard of any.  Lynnette was one of the nurses during my unfortunate urology experience and then again after my heart attack.

Although treatment by everyone was excellent throughout both stays, Lynnette distinguished herself like no other caring and dedicated medical professional I’ve known.  She went far above and beyond what was expected.  It was her competent medical abilities and that extra effort she consistently displayed that compelled me to recommend her for a DAISY Award. 

The exceptional nursing traits Ms. Lux demonstrated reassured a concerned patient that he's in 'good hands'

She sure convinced me of that twice!”    

Thank you Lynnette – “We are Proud You are a WakeMed Nurse!”


March 2019 Winner: Sarah Tubia
WakeMed Raleigh Campus - Clinical Nurse, 3A CV Med Intermediate Care
Nominated by: a patient

Below is an excerpt from the DAISY Award nominations written about you:

“Sarah is the type of nurse who is caring and professional. I’ve asked countless questions of her since admission and not one time has she made me feel like I was getting on her nerves. Sarah has excellent people skills and always leaves me feeling better just by being in her presence. She has made me feel comfortable in ways I can’t express in words.

It’s a scary feeling when you can’t breathe especially when you feel like there is an elephant sitting on your chest. She was able to talk me through everything and speak to me with human kindness. I’ve been obese and most of my life I’ve been belittled not only by words but also by looks. Not for one second have I felt this from anyone at WakeMed. I will never forget Sarah as long as I live. She is truly an outstanding nurse and deserves to be recognized with the DAISY Award.”

“I want to express my gratitude for Sarah’s bedside manner, quality of care, the extra time she invested to answer all the questions I had, fulfill my requests, and liaise with my physicians all while caring for her other patients. She was extremely responsive, observant of my condition, and cheerful. Sarah’s presence puts me at ease despite my concern regarding my illness.”

Thank you Sarah – “We are Proud You are a WakeMed Nurse!”


February 2019 Winner: Chris Roddy
WakeMed Raleigh Campus - Clinical Nurse, 5A Med Intermediate Care
Nominated by: A Peer

Below is an excerpt from the DAISY Award nominations written about you:

“After six challenging weeks in the ICU we were moved to 5A and we had some trepidation as the ICU was all we had known and we knew they could take care of any emergencies that might come up. Meeting Chris went a long way in putting us at ease.

Settling into his new room, the drawings and notes from our kids were put on his board however, it wasn’t visible from his bed. Chris came in filled with spunk, positivity, and great ideas! She moved the artwork to the area where he could see it best and told him to look at it and remember how much his family needed and loved him and how he needed to get better so he could go home. It was a turning point – Brent was battling for his life, and this was when he felt he began defeating his sickness instead of it defeating him.

Chris took the time to think of him as a father and husband and find a way to deeply inspire him to fight hard and get well. Chris is a positive, encouraging, caring, loving, hard-working and dedicated nurse. Our difficult stay at the hospital was made more bearable because of her. She took care of Brent and supported me as his wife as well. Chris is an outstanding nurse who deserves to be recognized and celebrated for who she is and all she does to bless the lives of her patients.”

Thank you Chris – “We are Proud You are a WakeMed Nurse!”


January 2019 Winner: Kelly McGuire
WakeMed Raleigh Campus - Clinical Nurse, CICU - B
Nominated by: A Peer

Below is an excerpt from the DAISY Award nominations written about you:

“Kelli’s biggest impact occurred when my sister’s condition deteriorated rapidly and comfort measures were in order. My daughter, another sister and her daughter and myself were allowed to stay at the bedside until she took her last breath. During this time Kelli kept in close contact with us letting us know everything she was doing, making sure we were okay, and asking us if we needed anything. This time was very difficult but at the same time bitter sweet.

My sister got exactly what she would have wanted – 4 of her closest angels by her bedside holding her hand, praying, singing, and letting her know how much she was loved. My sister’s death was peaceful with no obvious suffering and Kelli was the one who made that possible. When we expressed our gratitude to Kelli for everything she had done and how thankful/blessed we were that she was on duty that day, her response was “I didn’t do anything, I just did my job”. True sign of a nurse who is in the profession for the right reason. WakeMed advertises “Exceptional People Delivering Exceptional Care” – Kelli should be a poster child. I don’t share that I am a nurse when I go into hospitals, but I feel the need to do so with this experience. I have been a nurse for 37 years and have a passion for nursing and set very high standards for myself and others.

I am a past recipient of the Great 100 Nurses of NC and am honored to have been recognized. I share this because I know what an outstanding nurse is – Kelli is that nurse. She went above and beyond in taking care of my sister and made a difference that will never be forgotten! Her selfless acts and dedication allowed a patient to get exceptional care, but when God decided to call that patient home, end of life care was implemented and she experienced a death with dignity and her loved ones around her. Love and appreciation to Kelli McGuire and WakeMed. ”

Thank you Kelli – “We are Proud You are a WakeMed Nurse!”


December 2018 Winner: Robin Baker
WakeMed Raleigh Campus - Clinical Nurse, 5C Medicine
Nominated by: A Peer

Below is an excerpt from the DAISY Award nominations written about you:

“As I conducted leader rounding on this patient, I was reminded of what above and beyond looks like. The patient had a history of stroke and mobility was limited. The first few days I rounded on the patient, his answers were short and to the point.

By the 4th day, as he got to know me better, I asked him if he had anyone he wanted to recognize by name. At first he said no, then he said, very quietly, “well actually yes I do”. He said Robin stood out to him because she gave him a haircut.

With tears in his eyes he explained that his family didn’t come see him anymore which makes him angry and grumpy. He said when she was finished with his haircut and cleaning his face, she showed me the mirror.

When I provided Robin this feedback she teared up. She stated, “he doesn’t have a lot to say most of the time, but I knew he was down because he didn’t have any visitors”. Robin shared with me, she just wanted to cheer him up; “I didn’t think he would even remember my name”. Working in a hospital on an inpatient unit is busy and taking the time to do extra takes planning and compassion. This is an excellent reminder to me of how much these types of acts can mean to a patient.”

Thank you Robin – “We are Proud You are a WakeMed Nurse!”


November 2018 Winner: Kendell Silveira
WakeMed Raleigh Campus - Clinical Nurse, 5B Neuro Intermediate Care
Nominated by: A Patient

Below is an excerpt from the DAISY Award nominations written about you:

“To us, Kendell exemplifies the kind of ‘super-human work’ that this award was designed to recognize.  It started the instant we walked into the room.  After 7 hours in surgery, Kendell was quick to handle all the details.  More importantly, she immediately put us at ease with a combination of professionalism, compassion, hospitality, and light-hearted good humor that ensured us that we were in good hands, not only with her, but with the entire team.

What truly distinguished her though was her ability to establish rapport and to figure out who her patient – and his spouse – were, how we would respond, and how she could maximize successful outcomes through that understanding.  To frame that, being in the hospital for your 6th back surgery – on your birthday – could have been quite the downer.  Kendell instantly assessed not only what was needed physically, but what her patient needed to feel safe and well cared for, to build confidence, and to find joy in the process.  She established a camaraderie that made both of us feel like a part of a winning team here on 5B.  And when the going got tough, she knew exactly how to lead a locker room huddle that turned the game around and put us back on the right track.

It is with great pleasure that we nominate Kendell for the DAISY Award because even amidst a field of excellence, she is an outstanding role model for peers and patients alike.  We learned life lessons from Kendell and will always remember her with gratitude.  Besides, she was so darned much fun!  Thank you for your consideration of our nomination of Kendell for your monthly DAISY Award and for the program’s ongoing commitment to recognizing these champions on behalf of all patients at WakeMed.”     

Thank you Kendell – “We are Proud You are a WakeMed Nurse!”


October 2018 Winner: Jenny Morris
WakeMed Raleigh Campus - Clinical Nurse, Surgical Trauma ICU
Nominated by: A peer

Below is an excerpt from the DAISY Award nominations written about you:

“I had a patient who was in an motor vehicle crash. After surgery he had stabilized enough to get around more and being a dedicated father to 3 young children whom he hadn’t seen in almost a week he was eager to see them. Just when I was scheduled to take him to the waiting room to see them, an unexpected admission rolled in the door and I couldn’t take him after all. When Jenny saw how disappointed the patient was, she grabbed a wheelchair, portable monitor, suction, and volunteered to take him.

It was already change of shift and she had given report to the night shift and was free to go home. Instead, she took my patient to spend nearly 30 minutes with his precious children. She sat with them in the waiting room, played with them, reassured them when the pulse oximetry falsely alarmed low because he had moved his finger to hug his youngest son. When my patient came back, he told me about how much Jenny’s above and beyond act meant to him and his family. Jenny is one of my favorite nurses to work with because she always goes the extra mile for her patients. This is only one example of the extraordinary things she does for all the patients in STICU every day.”

Thank you Jenny – “We are Proud You are a WakeMed Nurse!”


September 2018 Winner: Becky Delarosa
WakeMed Raleigh Campus - Clinical Nurse, Pediatric ICU
Nominated by: A Patient

Below is an excerpt from the DAISY Award nominations written about you:

“This will be the 3rd time we have been to your PICU but the first time we were sent home instead of UNC’s PICU.  Every time we have stayed here Becky was our nurse.  Becky has always been a true professional, a joy in our sadness, and one of the greatest advocates for our daughter.  Becky is a super hero and a wonder woman who has on numerous times saved us from the villain named Leigh’s Syndrome.  Becky has walked with us through our journey of unknown, discovery, diagnosis, and the tragic news of Leigh’s Syndrome. 

Becky’s compassion and spunk are why we moved to be closer to WakeMed versus UNC.

Thank you Becky for your compassionate spirit, feistiness, and being such an advocate for our beautiful but fragile daughter.  You are a super hero Becky AKA Wonder Woman!”    

Thank you Becky – “We are Proud You are a WakeMed Nurse!”


August 2018 Winner: Hollie Smith
WakeMed Heart & Vascular, Six Forks Road - Ambulatory Nurse
Nominated by: A Peer

Below is an excerpt from the DAISY Award nominations written about you:

“Hollie became concerned that a patient had developed a DVT based on the patient’s comment. She completed an assessment, brought the physician in to see the patient, and advocated for her.

The patient was uninsured and Hollie notified the Practice Manager and got approval for the patient to be tested in the office that day. The first available opening wasn’t for another 4 hours so Hollie brought the patient lunch and offered what limited comforts an office/clinic setting can offer. The procedure revealed 3 DVTs.

Hollie continued to care for the patient, developed a plan of care to include nursing follow-up, and resources the patient needed to apply for Medicaid. Hollie is an asset to her patients and team as evidenced by her continued care of patients in the clinic and supporting co-workers with a smile.”

Thank you, Hollie – “We are Proud You are a WakeMed Nurse!”


July 2018 Winner: Amy Bullock
WakeMed Raleigh Campus - Clinical Nurse
Nominated by: A Peer

Below is an excerpt from the DAISY Award nominations written about you:

“I was charge nurse that day when Amy came and said she wanted to help this patient take a shower. I replied, ‘Let’s do it!’.

The patient said he was wearing a hat because he was ashamed of his greasy hair. After getting him up to the shower chair and back with towels, I saw Amy scrubbing his hair with shampoo and she had the biggest smile on her face.

You could tell it made her genuinely happy to be able to make this patient feel better. It really touched me to see this. The patient was so happy to get a good shower and was so grateful. This was not her assigned patient, yet she wanted to do this for him.

I told her it makes me proud to work with nurses like her. These small gestures are sometimes what matter most to our patients.”

Thank you, Amy – “We are Proud You are a WakeMed Nurse!”


June 2018 Winner: Tyler Stamey
WakeMed Cary Hospital - Clinical Nurse
Nominated by: A Peer

Below is an excerpt from the DAISY Award nominations written about you:

“My brother had a myriad of health problems ranging from Stage 4 kidney disease to severe back pain. Confused, disoriented, in extreme pain, and in an unfamiliar place, he was a challenge to your staff. Tyler was interested in the whole patient and talked to us at length about my brother’s treatment. After listening to all of our concerns, he suggested we set up a meeting with the Palliative Care Team. That meeting went well and we all decided he should be placed in their care.

Sadly Tyler wasn’t going to be his nurse any longer. He was my brother’s nurse for only 2 days but he created an environment of caring and professionalism that made me feel he would get the best care possible. Not only did Tyler take care of my brother, he insisted I take time out to eat, rest, and take care of myself. He suggested I go home and call him anytime. That gave me the peace and comfort that I needed to come back the next day and begin all over again. My brother passed away after 2 weeks in palliative care at WakeMed.

In summary, Tyler was always professional, knowledgeable, kind, friendly, and caring. His ability to explain medical procedures and terms in layman’s language eased our angst and concerns. I believe he is most worthy of the DAISY Award and recommend him without reservation. He is an outstanding representative of the nursing profession and your hospital.”

Thank you Tyler – “We are Proud You are a WakeMed Nurse!”


May 2018 Winner: Lindsey Mathis
WakeMed Raleigh Campus - Clinical Nurse
Nominated by: A Peer

Below is an excerpt from the DAISY Award nominations written about you:

“Even though Lindsey was very busy with her own patients, upon learning this patient had given birth that morning with just enough time to have her son placed on her belly then whisked away to surgery for an emergency C-section secondary to post-partum hemorrhage, she jumped into action.

The mother had not seen her son since surgery and was in tears as she was missing out on bonding with her newborn son. Lindsey collaborated with the patient’s primary nurse to facilitate her return to the Labor & Delivery floor, taught the patient how to utilize the breast pump, and coordinated with the baby’s nurse when the infant could be brought to the floor to be with his mom. This mother was so surprised upon seeing her son for the first time.

As a nurse and former patient, it is always wonderful watching situations where our care and compassion make the difference in someone’s stay. Lindsey is more than deserving to be honored. She demonstrates the true art of nursing. In the perfect world we are all able to take great care of our patients. But when you can take care of your patients and someone else’s and know that you made a difference, that is truly remarkable!”

Thank you Lindsey – “We are Proud You are a WakeMed Nurse!”


April 2018 Winner: Peggy Hayes
WakeMed Raleigh Campus - Clinical Nurse
Nominated by: A Peer

Below is an excerpt from the DAISY Award nominations written about you:

“Peggy cares deeply for her patients and demonstrates this through being a great advocate. She had a patient after a MVC with a femur fracture and possible syncope episode that caused the crash. The patient began to exhibit bizarre behavior and confusion after a few days of normal behavior. Peggy went to bat for her patient and insisted something new was wrong and advocated for another scan. The patient was rescanned and new information on the patient’s status was gleaned. This was a good catch but also great patient advocacy.

This is not the first time I have witnessed Peggy putting forth this kind of effort for her patients. She is a valued member of the 6C team and a great representation of WakeMed Nursing.”

Thank you Peggy – “We are Proud You are a WakeMed Nurse!”

Daisy Award March 2018

March 2018 Winner: Eden Ng, RN
WakeMed Raleigh Campus - Clinical Nurse
Nominated by: A Peer

Below is an excerpt from the DAISY Award nominations written about you:

"Eden comes from a place of ‘we got this’.

I have learned so much by working alongside her, from why a patient may be coming down on a certain drip, what that means the patient may be experiencing to watching out for trends in labs. She often says we are a good team, we will get this done together.

Even when I am working next door in the outpatient side, I will often feel a hand on my shoulder and Eden is there smiling asking if I am okay, do I need anything, did I get a break, what can she do for me, and ‘you got this’.

She is a wonderful example of team work and consideration. Just being around that makes you want to do just a bit more.

Eden is a tenacious patient advocate and is always working for what is safest for the patient. She is at her best when engaging patients and their families, putting them at ease with a smile and her calm demeanor. She takes her time and talks to patients, offering chairs to families and a warm blanket.

She asks questions about their concerns, listening, and offering comfort. She makes them laugh, feel a bit more comfortable by offering to reposition the patient, and makes them feel like ‘yeah, I got this’.

I always look forward to coming to work just a bit more when I know Eden is going to be working with me because I know, ‘we got this together’.”"

Thank you, Eden. We are proud you are a WakeMed nurse!


February 2018 Winner: Hunter Rogers, RN
WakeMed Raleigh Campus - Clinical Nurse
Nominated by: A Peer

Below is an excerpt from the DAISY Award nominations written about you:

“This patient was involved in a motor vehicle crash where her daughter-in-law died, and son and daughter were injured. The son and family left to attend the funeral in VA.

The patient's nurse developed a relationship with the son, knew the family was attending the funeral and didn’t want the patient to be alone. Over the weekend the patient was declared DNR and actively dying.

Throughout the weekend, the patient's nurses rotated, spending time at the patient’s bedside so she wouldn’t be alone. They kept the room quiet, softly playing her favorite music, and sat with her holding her hand.

After her shift Sunday evening, the patient's nurse stayed with the patient until midnight and then returned on Monday. They held the patient’s hand as she passed on that Monday. The nurses weren’t scheduled to work Monday and came in on her day off.

The patient's nurses care exemplifies the selfless caring and compassion that all WakeMed nurses should strive to achieve. It was so refreshing and encouraging to see these two nurses remember what is really important; being with this patient during her final hours.”

We are proud you are WakeMed nurses!"


January 2018 Winner: Tonya Disorbo, RN
WakeMed Raleigh Campus - Clinical Nurse
Nominated by: A Peer

Below is an excerpt from the DAISY Award nominations written about you:

"Tonya is a wonderful nurse in all aspects. She is focused, dedicated, diligent and watchful of every change of my Mom’s condition. She was there to answer every question.

It was after my Mom left the Neuro ICU that Tonya really impressed me. She came to check on her in rehabilitation. Then I ran into her in the hallway and she stopped and spoke to me and answered questions I had about a medication Mom was on.

A few days later, I was able to take my Mom in her wheelchair to AuBon Pain. Tonya was in a booth having lunch. She jumped up and came right over to us. She asked my Mom how she was doing and told her how great she looked and how happy she was to see her out and about. Then of course, she gave me a hug!

Tonya was always there with a hug and a pep talk on a bad day. She is a ray of sunshine around the hospital as well as a great nurse. She helped me and my family through some difficult days and I will never forget what she did for us."

Thank you, Tonya. We are proud you are a WakeMed nurse!"


November 2017 Winner: Anna Britt, RN
WakeMed Raleigh Campus - Clinical Nurse
Nominated by: A Peer

Below is an excerpt from the DAISY Award nominations written about you:

"Anna received into her arms a limp, apneic baby (who was a visitor - not a patient) and quickly carried the baby to our resuscitation room, performing back blows on the way.

Anna was joined by our respiratory therapist, Anne Bollman, and together they performed efforts to clear the patient’s airway successfully! They truly saved that child’s life!!"

Thank you, Anna. "We are Proud You are a WakeMed Nurse!"


October 2017 Winner: Mary Anne Tan, RN
WakeMed Raleigh Campus - 5C Medicine
Nominated by: A Peer

Below is an excerpt from the DAISY Award nominations written about you:

"Mary Anne knelt down on the floor beside a behavioral health patient who has developmental delays. The patient was upset, crying and banging her head on the siderails.

Mary Anne got pediatric bandaids with cute designs on them to cover her ‘boo boos’ and told her she didn’t need to worry -that she was safe with us.

We don’t typically see pediatric patients on our unit. This particular nurse doesn’t have any children of her own yet, so to see her working with this patient with her childlike mentality warmed my heart.

We really do have nurses here at WakeMed with the biggest hearts, and this one I’m PROUD to say works on 5C! Thank you Mary Anne for showing compassion and understanding in this patient’s time of need."

Thank you, Mary Anne. "We are Proud You are a WakeMed Nurse!"


September 2017 Winner: Meredith Sharp, RN
WakeMed Raleigh Campus - 6C Surgery & Trauma
Nominated by: RN Director

Below is an excerpt from the DAISY Award nominations written about you:

"I noticed Meredith sitting with one of our patients. Stopping to speak with them, I learned that the patient had been at WakeMed [for a while and was] struggling to recover from complications of diverticulitis surgery. Thankfully on this particular day, the weather was pleasantly warm. She sat in her wheelchair drinking a coffee with Meredith at her side, also enjoying a coffee.

As I walked away from them, I had so many thoughts and feelings. Proud of Meredith for being a WakeMed nurse, sitting with the patient as a friend would! I was proud of the patient for pushing through the obstacles she had endured.

We all know that we (needlessly) worry about the care and needs of the patients we leave behind when we are tied up for an extended period of time. Despite all of these caveats, Meredith was found sitting outside sipping a coffee and Taking 5++++ with a patient who needed her for emotional support. Meredith exemplifies the art and science of WakeMed nursing."

Thank you, Meredith. "We are Proud You are a WakeMed Nurse!"


August 2017 Winner: Dan Dankwa, RN
WakeMed Raleigh Campus - 1D CEA
Nominated by: A Patient's Family Member

Below is an excerpt from the DAISY Award nominations written about you:

"Dan has been there through thick and thin. Most importantly he kept me strong when my dad died, and advised me to believe that the end of such a beautiful person’s life become the beginning of my own, and how utilizing the things he taught me to establish better relationships with not only my family and friends but myself as well. So thank you Dan for becoming the new dad in my life."

Thank you, Dan. "We are Proud You are a WakeMed Nurse!"


July 2017 Winner: Adam Smith, RN
WakeMed Raleigh Campus - 6A CVIC
Nominated by: A Peer

Below is an excerpt from the DAISY Award nominations written about you:

"I wanted to send kudos out to Adam. I happened to be looking for him and saw him sitting on the floor trying to comfort some young children whose family member had been made GIP hospice.

Seeing him talking to those kids down on their level was such a touching experience that I began to tear up. What an exemplary example of what nursing is all about."

Thank you, Adam. "We are Proud You are a WakeMed Nurse!"


June 2017 Winner: Yvonne Wheeless, RN
WakeMed Raleigh Campus - eICU
Nominated by: A Patient's Family Member

Below is an excerpt from the DAISY Award nominations written about you:

"Nurse Yvonne Wheeless was an angel behind the scenes. My mother’s nurse called her many times during the night and she always responded quickly and seemed to be a tremendous help to her nurse.

Many times she came on the camera in the room just to check and see how not only my mother was doing, but how the nurse was doing as well. My mother’s nurse was young and had only been a nurse in the ICU a short period of time. She told us how helpful the virtual ICU was to have, and we saw this firsthand.

Thank you for having the virtual ICU and thank you for hiring nurses like this one. She made a difference that night not only to our family, but to a young nurse just beginning her career. I am sure neither of us will ever forget her."

Thank you, Yvonne. "We are Proud You are a WakeMed Nurse!"


May 2017 Winner: Andrea Perea, RN
WakeMed Raleigh Campus - 6A CVIC
Nominated by: A Patient

Below is an excerpt from the DAISY Award nominations written about you:

"I always felt that nurse Andrea Perea was my advocate while I was in the hospital, I trust her medical skill, but it is her holistic approach to compassionate care that is making the long term difference for me. I look upon her as an outstanding role model for other nurses, and for myself."

Thank you, Andrea. "We are Proud You are a WakeMed Nurse!"

DAISY-April-2017.jpgApril 2017 Winner: Michelle Stroup, RN
Nominated by: A Nursing Student, A Patient's Family and Peers

Below is an excerpt from the DAISY Award nominations written about you:

“As a senior nursing student I can wholeheartedly say Michelle is the type of nurse one can only hope to become.  As a granddaughter watching her grandmother slowly slip away, Michelle was a ray of light and a beacon of hope each and every time she walked into the room.  She was comforting, genuine and compassionate.  These qualities can’t be taught in a classroom.  They are qualities that one can only hope to possess.”

“As a family dealing with our loved one’s end stage disease, we were beyond comforted by Michelle’s confidence, competence and overwhelming compassion.  As an ICU nurse myself for 30+ years, I know first-hand how valuable her traits are to patients and families.  She is an undeniable asset to your establishment and exemplifies the meaning of making the Ordinary Extra-ordinary.  Michelle is absolutely deserving of the DAISY Award Recognition.”
Thank you Michelle  - “We are Proud You are a WakeMed Nurse!”

DAISY-March-2017.jpgMarch 2017 Winner: Karen York, RN
WakeMed Raleigh Campus – 5A Med Intermediate Care
Nominated by: A Colleague

Below is an excerpt from the DAISY Award nomination written about you by your colleague, Wendy Driver, RN:

“I would like to recognize Karen York for the outstanding nurse she is as she always goes the extra mile and finds time to do the little things.

Karen was in charge when I received a patient from the ED who had just found out that she had cancer that spread throughout her body.  Needless to say she and her husband were in shock with grief.  We assisted her to the bedside commode as she was too weak.  The patient started crying when we touched her.

After Karen finished bathing the patient with a warm sudsy orange blossom bath wash she picked her up in her arms as if she were a child and gently laid her back in bed.  I couldn’t believe it, the patient never cried out in pain, she was actually smiling.

I have heard some people say that nurses are angels and after watching Karen care for this patient, I agree.  The husband was so happy to see his wife cared for in this special way by such a loving and caring nurse.”

Thank you Karen  - “We are Proud You are a WakeMed Nurse!”

DAISY-January-2017.jpgJanuary 2017 Winner: Laura Cline, RN
WakeMed Raleigh Campus - Emergency Dept.
Nominated by: A Colleague

Below is an excerpt from the DAISY Award nomination written about Laura:

Congratulations Laura for being recognized as the January 2017 DAISY Award Recipient!!

Below is an excerpt from the DAISY Award nomination written about you by your colleague, Lisa Bertorelli, RN:

“The most important thing for my patient at that moment was to see his wife of 56 years and tell her ‘I Love You.’  He informed us that his wife had a stroke and was unable to speak on the phone and wasn’t at the hospital at the time.  Laura contacted the brother-in-law who didn’t have a cell phone or internet access to get directions on how to drive from their home in Smithfield to the hospital.  Laura patiently explained to him over the phone turn by turn directions that she looked up on MapQuest.  It was because of Laura’s kindness and effort that my patient (who by the way miraculously made it through surgery) got to see his wife and say ‘I Love You’.  My patient informed me that his wife could not produce tears because of her stoke at which point I was doing enough crying for both of them. 

We don’t get to see our miracles everyday but this day was one of them and Laura helped make that happen for this special couple.” 
Thank you Laura  - “We are Proud You are a WakeMed Nurse!”