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Mission & Vision



WakeMed is committed to improving the health and well-being of our community by providing outstanding and compassionate care to all.


WakeMed will be the provider of choice and the preferred partner for quality healthcare and community health by:

  • Collaborating with physicians, employees, volunteers and others to engage, educate and guide our community to take charge of their health and well-being
  • Transforming patient care delivery through high quality, coordinated services for the best value.
  • Ensuring we are the best minds and biggest hearts.


  • We foster trust while demonstrating transparency, accountability, integrity and honesty in all that we do.
  • We provide a quality experience to all we serve and ensure dignity and respect throughout the healing process.
  • We are a leader in patient safety, innovation and education.
  • We empower and respect physicians, nurses, volunteers and all members of our healthcare team while recognizing achievements and encouraging development.
  • We ensure sound financial stewardship by operating a well-managed, goal-directed, fiscally responsible organization.
  • We partner with others whose culture and values enhance our ability to improve the health of our community.

Aspirational Goals

Value Leader

Value Leader - We will be the value leader in the region by providing outstanding outcomes, experience, safety and affordability.

 icon QualityQuality - We will be a top 10 health system in the country for quality.

icon Culture of Safety

Culture of Safety - We will foster a culture of safety for our patients, families, community and healthcare team.

icon Extraordinary TeamExtraordinary Team - We will be the healthcare employer of choice by attracting and retaining the most passionate and talented physicians and workforce while developing world-class leaders.

icon Healthy Community

Healthy Community - We will be a leader in making Wake County the healthiest capital county in the United States.

icon The Wake Way

The Wake Way - 
We will demonstrate the Wake Way in everything we do.

 icon Innovation
Innovation - We will be a leader in innovation to achieve transformative improvements in health and healthcare.

icon Preferred Partner

Preferred Partner - We will be the preferred partner for physicians and other providers seeking the best value for our patients and community.

icon Financial Health

Financial Health - We will achieve financial health in order to support all that we do.

icon Highest Ethics

Highest Ethics & Standards - We will demonstrate the highest ethical standards of integrity and corporate conduct.