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The Pediatric Lipid Program evaluates and treats children and adolescents ages 2 to 18 years of age who have high levels of lipids (or cholesterol, fats) in their blood.  Elevated lipids put children at risk for heart disease later in life, and so we strive to lower this heart disease risk. 

Together, our dietitian and special trained lipid disorders physician work to create a personalized treatment plan for each child.

Through this program, your family will learn how to improve the child’s cholesterol levels with dietary and lifestyle changes.

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What to Expect from Your First Appointment

During your initial visit to the Pediatric Lipid Program, you and your child will meet with the physician who specializes in lipid disorders.  We will discuss your family's eating and physical activity habits.  We will also discuss your child’s and other family members’ cholesterol levels and heart-related health issues. 

A healthy and realistic plan to improve lifestyle behaviors will be made for your child and family.  If necessary, we will discuss the possibility of starting nutritional supplements or medications.

What to Bring to Your First Appointment

Please bring the following with you to your child's first appointment:

  • Your child's fasting lipid test results (or have your pediatrician fax them to us at 919-231-0314). *Two sets of fasting lipid tests are preferable.
  • If available, fasting lipid test results from your child’s biological parents and siblings who are older than 2 years of age
  • If able, please bring a 3-day food log: write down what your child was eating or drinking for 3 days. Please also include the amount of what your child was eating or drinking as best as you can.

An evaluation with a clinical dietitian may also be made during the first or second visit. Further follow up visits are primarily with the physician every 3 to 6 months.

For the medical follow-up visits, the child’s fasting lipid levels should be rechecked 1 to 2 weeks before the appointment.

We will review the recent lipid levels, other relevant lab results, and any diet or exercise changes your child and family have made.  If your child is on medication, we will determine whether any changes need to be made.

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What to Expect for Follow-Up Appointments

For your child's follow-up appointments:

  • All outside lab results not performed at WakeMed should be faxed to 919-231-0314. 
  • Please bring a copy of the lab results with you if you are not sure if the lab results were faxed. 
  • We will automatically get the lab results if they were obtained within WakeMed.