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Pediatric Motivational Voiding Program

We understand that urinary problems can be stressful and embarrassing for kids and parents alike – but you’re not alone. In fact, voiding dysfunction is one of the most common reasons families are referred to a pediatric urologists.

What is voiding dysfunction?

kids playingThe action of voiding (urinating) is a complex effort involving multiple systems in the body all working together. Voiding dysfunction occurs when there is a lack of coordination of these systems. This can lead to urinary tract infections, pain with urination, urinary accidents, frequency,  urgency or sensation of incomplete emptying.

What is the Pediatric Motivational Voiding Program?

WakeMed Pediatric Urology’s Motivational Voiding Program (MVP) is an excellent resource for families and children experiencing a delay or difficulty with toilet training and urinary accidents. The purpose of the program is to offer creative, patient-centered solutions to assist in achieving dryness for children and adolescents, and is ideal for children with underlying medical conditions such as ADHD, autism, sensory processing disorder, anxiety or developmental delay.

Our Approach

Led by pediatric urology specialist Sarah Hendrickson, PA-C, our program works closely with experts from various disciplines within WakeMed, such as pediatric gastroenterologyphysical therapy and occupational therapy, all with one goal in mind: to help your child achieve continence, prevent accidents and stay dry.

Together, we’ll work with your family to create a customized treatment plan tailored to your child’s individual needs, answer your questions, address your concerns — and guide your family through this process with skill, compassion and empathy, every step of the way.

Schedule an Appointment

If you feel like your child could benefit from our Pediatric Motivational Voiding Program, call 919-235-1940 or log into your WakeMed MyChart account to schedule an appointment.