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Patient Information

Parental Presence in the Operating Room

At WakeMed Children’s, our goal is to support our pediatric patients and their families by providing comfort to help minimize anxiety at the time of surgery. Parental presence at induction (PPI) helps to reduce anxiety and fear for children by allowing one parent or caregiver to accompany their child to the operating room until the induction of anesthesia. 

Facts About Parental Presence at Induction:

  • Parental presence is offered for children 12 months or older.
  • Individuals accompanying their child to the operating room must follow the instructions of
  • the medical staff at all times.
  • One parent or caregiver may accompany a child to the operating room. Remaining family members or friends must remain in the waiting room.
  • Certain circumstances may not allow for a parent to be present at the induction of anesthesia:
    • Emergency surgery
    • Child’s medical condition
    • Difficult airway
    • Known illness/infection of parent
    • Pregnant support person
    • Presence of patient’s siblings or pediatric visitors without another caregiver present
  • In the event of unexpected change in the patient’s condition, or if the parent’s presence is in any way distracting or disruptive to patient care, the parent may be asked to leave the room.
  • Many factors contribute the decision for a parent to escort a child into the operation room. Ultimately, the surgeon and anesthesiologist will make the decision based on what is safest for the child.

Before escorting a child into the operation room, all parents and caregivers are encouraged to watch the following introductory video. If you have any questions or concerns, please speak to your child’s surgeon or a member of the surgical team.