Cardiovascular & Thoracic Surgery

There is no doubt that the heart is one of our most important organs. It is at the center of all that we do. It pumps lifesaving blood throughout our bodies, allowing organs to function and keeps us alive.

A healthy heart and a healthy life go hand-in-hand. This amazing muscle pumps about 2,000 gallons of blood as it contracts and expands about 100,000 times per day. That is just one of many reasons why keeping your heart in good shape is so important.

Heart health problems aren't uncommon. In many cases, heart conditions can be treated by making lifestyle changes, such as stopping smoking, losing weight, exercising more and taking medications.

In some cases, surgical intervention is needed to repair or restore cardiac function. At WakeMed, we offer innovative minimally invasive procedures that treat a wide range of cardiac conditions. Our board-certified and specialty trained cardiologists and dedicated staff at WakeMed are experts in diagnosing and treating cardiac conditions.

Often, our surgeons partner with cardiologists, structural heart and vascular specialists to provide the best solution for the patient. Which procedure is right for you, depends on your health, your age, your condition and your vascular anatomy.

Cardiovascular Conditions We Teat:


  • Transmyocardial Laser Revascularization (TMR)



Blocked Arteries (Open Heart or Bypass Surgery)

  • Coronary Artery Bypass Grafting (CABG)
  • Off Pump Coronary Bypass Grafting
  • Carotid Endarterectomy

Cardiac Tumors

  • Cardiac (Myxoma) Tumor Removal Septal Defects
  • Atrial Septal Defect (ASD) Closure

Valve Repair and Replacement

  • Aortic Valve Repair and Replacement Surgery
  • Mitral Valve Repair
  • Tricuspid Valve Repair
  • Transcatheter Aortic Valve Replacement (TAVR)

Cardiothoracic Surgery

WakeMed is also home to the best in cardiothoracic surgery, which is performed by physicians who have completed extensive training in both cardiac and thoracic surgery.

Our team of board-certified and experienced surgeons can perform some of the most advanced procedures that involve treating diseases and conditions affecting organs inside the thorax or chest.

Cardiothoracic Surgies We Perform

Our finely skilled surgeons perform a host of cardiothoracic surgeries, including:

  • Lung Cancer Surgery, including
    • Wedge (segmentectomy) - a wedge-shaped slice of the lung is removed that contain cancer, leaving unaffected tissue in place.
    • Lobectomy - removal of a single cancerous lobe. You have a total of five lobes – three in the right lung and two in the left lung. The remaining lobes will still function and keep oxygen circulating throughout the body.
    • Decordification – removal of a layer of inflexible tissue restricting lung expansion in patients with lung cancer, tuberculosis and emphysema. By removing the tissue that binds the lungs, the patient can breathe more easily.
    • Video-Assisted Thoracoscopic Surgery (VATS) - a less invasive surgery that uses a series of tiny incisions to insert a camera and special tools that help remove certain lung cancers and biopsy lymph nodes in the mediastinum (chest)
  • Lung Infection Surgery to drain and remove built-up scar tissue
  • Lung Biopsies to diagnosis lung cancers and other lung disease
  • Pacemaker infection and recall procedures (laser lead removal)