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About the Whole-Person Health Campus 

Garner Campus

WakeMed Garner Acute Care Hospital

  • Size: 170,000 sq. ft. 
  • 45 acute-care beds, all private 
  • 14 observation beds 
  • 2 ORs, 4 procedural rooms, 1 endoscopy room 
  • 24/7 emergency department with 24 rooms 
  • Related diagnostic services (lab, imaging) 
  • Shared campus entrance, parking and more 
  • Estimated cost: $214 million (funded by WakeMed) 

mental health room

WakeMed Mental Health & Well-Being Hospital

  • Size: 153,000 sq. ft. 
  • 150 beds; mix of private and semi-private rooms 
  • Inpatient care and outpatient mental health-related services 
  • Recreation, therapeutic services (art, music, etc.) 
  • Family visitation areas 
  • Innovative treatment and therapy areas 
  • Estimated cost: $125 million (partially funded by philanthropy)

Treating Mind, Body and Spirit  

Garner Campus More inside images

The Whole-Person Health Campus will deliver the gold standard of highly coordinated care, care models and care environments that are holistic and contribute to the healing process. It will focus on the inseparable connection between our mental and physical health, our minds and our bodies.  

Gardens, green space and light will abound, signifying the importance of fresh air and nature in the healing process. No more will psychiatric care be relegated to a remote location or isolated from the comprehensive care continuum. The new facility’s modern, aesthetically pleasing design will reflect our efforts to eliminate the stigma surrounding mental health.  

By constructing an integrated campus, significant economies of scale will also be realized for delivering key support services. As the fastest growing area of Wake County, the campus is part of a larger 220-acre, mixed-use community being developed with a focus on health and wellness businesses and residences.  

Building on Our Leadership  

WakeMed has earned a national reputation for innovating a unique and comprehensive framework of programs and services to meet the needs of individuals with mental health illness.  

WakeMed’s novel approach integrates a network of behavioral health, social service and primary care providers to improve access and coordination of care for patients.  

The WakeMed Behavioral Health Network continuum is a highly collaborative model built to improve illness detection, accelerate access to the right care and encourage patients’ engagement in their care. 

Features include: