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Kidney Stone Center

We are the only hospital in the Triangle to offer specialized virtual care for kidney stones.

Call the Stone Phone - (919) 350-ROCK

At the Kidney Stone Center, we strive to offer the next available appointments for diagnosis and treatment. Depending on your history of kidney stones and symptoms, this means being able to call in prescriptions right away, bypassing the emergency room and directly admitting you to the hospital for treatment, and/or arranging next available appointments with one of our clinical support team members.

But it doesn’t stop there.

Our focus is not just on acute stone treatment; it’s about PREVENTION. We want you to understand how kidney stones develop and what you can do to prevent future stones.

Take a look at some of the benefits we offer:

  1. We offer triage consultations. 
    Emergency rooms are busy, and there’s frequently a long wait. We also believe it is much better for patients to avoid the Emergency Room if possible. By offering access to our expert provider team, you no longer have to wait in pain for extended amounts of time.
  2. We’re more cost effective than the ER. 
    The emergency room functions at a very high cost rate, and the cost benefits of seeing an outpatient provider are enormous. At the Kidney Stone Center, we can minimize this cost because kidney stones are all we deal with.
  3. We perform metabolic evaluations on patients. 
    Patients are offered a visit with a clinical team member who performs metabolic evaluations for recurring kidney stone formers to try to find factors both in their blood and in their urine that could be leading to recurrent stone formation.
  4. We offer nutrition counseling. 
    Each patient will be referred to a specialty nutritionist who will assess both dietary and lifestyle factors that could be contributing to chronic, recurring kidney stones.
  5. We offer dietary counseling to every single patient. 
    This is the most important factor for anyone who’s ever had a kidney stone – even patients who’ve had metabolic disorders. Dietary and lifestyle modifications have a significant impact in quality of life and both the rate of stone reformation, the size of the stones they already have – and if they’re stone free – minimizing the chances that they’ll ever make another kidney stone and have to come see us for acute pain.

It all starts with a phone call. If you are experiencing flank pain with no fever, have a history of kidney stones or suspect that your pain or discomfort may be the result of a kidney stone, speak to a urology trained provider right away.