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Injuries happen when you least expect it. At MyCare 365, we're prepared to treat all of life's little mishaps, so when injuries happen to you, make an appointment or walk-in. We’ll be ready and waiting to help you.

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Child with cast on her arm.

Injury Services

 From minor scrapes and burns to sprains and breaks, we know life happens. We offer stitches, splinting, prescriptions, antibiotic cleaning, referrals, X-rays and more right onsite, so you can get the care you need when you need it.

Woman with hand pain.

Injuries We Treat

Injuries treated at MyCare 365 include:

  • Broken bones
  • Muscle injury
  • Minor cuts, scrapes, burns
  • Open and/or bleeding gashes/lacerations
  • Twists/Strains/Sprains

Where to Seek Care 

It can be confusing to determine where to go when you are injured, and the decision you make may affect your access to proper care. Schedule with our primary care if you have very minor burns, cuts or lacerations as well as when you have minor sprains and strains that are irritating but are not preventing you from going about your daily routine.

Walk into our urgent care for sudden, painful injuries, such as a jammed finger; burns, cuts and lacerations that look infected, are blistering or are likely to leave a noticeable scar; and sprains and bone fractures that are painful and affecting your mobility.

Head directly to the emergency department for severe burns, large bone fractures and deep cuts and bleeding that won't stop.