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MyCare 365 offers walk-in evaluation and care for individuals experiencing asthma symptoms. Our providers are trained and ready to help you gain control of your breathing and develop a plan for long-term asthma control.

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About Asthma

Asthma is a chronic disease of the respiratory system that impacts the lungs' ability to carry air in and out of the airways. Airways may swell, tighten, become inflamed, produce extra mucous and/or narrow. This makes it hard to breathe and may cause wheezing, coughing and chest pain.

Asthma often develops during childhood, but the condition can impact people of all ages. It can range from mild to severe and life-threatening.

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Asthma Symptoms

If you are having trouble breathing, follow your asthma action plan.

Symptoms of mild difficulty breathing include: 

  • Your breathing is slightly faster than normal.
  • Your skin color is normal.

Symptoms of moderate difficulty breathing include: 

  • Obviously breathing faster than normal.
  • Tiring quickly during talking or eating. 
  • Using your abdominal (belly) muscles to assist breathing. 
  • Having skin color, especially on the face, hands, and feet, that is pale to slightly gray, or lacy purple and pale. 

Symptoms of severe difficulty breathing include: 

  • Breathing very fast. 
  • Appearing anxious and being unable to eat because it's too hard to breathe.
  • Using the neck, chest and abdominal muscles to breathe
  • Sitting up, leaning forward, or sitting with the nose tilted up as if sniffing the air.
  • Having skin color that is persistently pale, gray, bluish or mottled, including the tongue, lips, earlobes and nail beds.

Asthma Triggers

When you have asthma, certain asthma triggers can make your symptoms worse. Common triggers for asthma include: 

  • Air pollution
  • Changes in weather (dry, cold air)
  • Cleaning products
  • Emotional stress (intense crying, anger or laughing)
  • Environmental allergens (pollen, mold, dust mites, tobacco smoke and pet dander)
  • Exercise
  • Medications
  • Mold
  • Pests (cockroaches,  mice and rats)
  • Respiratory infections (cold, flu and COVID-19)

Asthma triggers can vary from person to person. Our health care providers at MyCare 365 offer comprehensive care to help you identify ways to avoid and manage your triggers.