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Pediatric Weight Management

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Pediatric Weight Management

WakeMed offers a comprehensive approach to pediatric weight management.  Led by a board-certified pediatrician with expertise in childhood weight management, our family-based approach is designed to support lifestyle changes essential to the behavior change process for a child.


Pediatric Obesity – A Growing Challenge

Being overweight is hard as an adult, but it can be especially difficult for a child or adolescent during a time of changing bodies and peer pressure.   Aside from the challenges of self-esteem and body image, there are a number of serious health risks associated with childhood obesity – from type 2 diabetes and high blood pressure to high cholesterol, anxiety and depression to name a few.

There are number of causes that lead to obesity, some genetic some non-genetic.  Regardless of the cause, intervention and behavior change is key.  Our comprehensive program takes an individualized approach to assessing and developing a treatment plan for your child’s needs.


Concerned About Your Child’s Weight?

If you have concerns about your child’s weight, we’re here to help.  Simply contact WakeMed Physician Practices - Pediatric Weight Management practice and we’ll get you and your family moving in the right direction.  And since every child is different, the plan we develop will be specific to their individual needs.  For some, that could mean enrollment in a physical fitness program or one-on-one counseling with a registered dietitian.  For others, behavior management or referral to pediatric specialists to treat a specific issue might be necessary.



Our medical weight management program is provided by our Pediatric Weight Management practice and includes:

  • Comprehensive Medical Assessment
  • Nutrition Counseling/Planning
  • Physical Activity – physical therapy or referral to our award-winning ENERGIZE program
  • Behavior Management
  • Adolescent Weight Loss Surgery – for physically mature adolescents with a BMI of 40 kg/m2 or above who have failed medical weight management


Get Started

You can schedule an appointment by contacting WakeMed Physician Practices - Pediatric Weight Management directly at (919) 235-6439 or through a referral from your child’s pediatrician.


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