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Diana Rhyne,

Executive Director,
Research & Innovation


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Our Story

Innovation has always happened at WakeMed, and we are proud to have been the home of many firsts since our founding in 1961. Our culture fosters an environment of innovation, and innovation is one of our ten Aspirational goals included in our strategic plan.

WakeMed Innovations is a new department focused exclusively on connecting partners, employees and providers with the tools and resources needed to move creative, innovative ideas from conception to reality. WakeMed Innovations makes the connections to help bring innovative ideas and solutions to life.

Our Projects

WakeMed Innovations is proud to support WakeMed’s Strategic Plan and our Innovation Aspirational goal of achieving transformative improvements in health care and health care delivery. 



410 Medical’s LifeFlow®

Helping to prevent dangerous and potentially deadly septic shock in trauma patients.

Developed by a WakeMed Pediatric Intensivist, this FDA-approved device for rapid fluid infusion.



MD Interconnect’s RapidConnect

Improving physician-to-physician communication to improve patient care.

A secure communication platform connecting referring providers and enabling HIPAA compliant text communication.



Federal Aviation Admin’s Unmanned Aircraft System Integration Pilot Program

Speeding deliveries, enhancing access to care and creating healthier communities.

In partnership with the North Carolina Department of Transportation, drone companies and traffic management companies, WakeMed is one of only two health care systems in the United States testing long-range medical package delivery using drones.