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New Value Streams Selected

We are pleased to announce that two value streams will be added to our WW2E work: Emergency Services and Pharmacy Services. These value streams were selected by the Transformation Guiding Task Force because they both have a broad patient reach, offer opportunities for multidisciplinary collaboration and are closely tied to our aspirational goals of improving value, quality and safety. As we start work in these areas, we will continue building on the successes achieved in Surgical Services and WakeMed Physician Practices.

As with our current value streams, WW2E work related to Pharmacy Services and Emergency Services will include every department that impacts the patient experience – both directly and indirectly – so work will involve multiple departments, clinical areas and enterprises, some of which are not patient-facing at all.

Members of the Value Stream Sponsor Teams have been identified and will gather with other leaders this fall for a Visioning Session to establish a 12-month plan, set a vision and develop measurable goals and objectives. We hope to host the first RPIWs for these value streams in early 2017.

From the Patient Perspective

Understanding how our WW2E work impacts our patients and their families is important. This story shows how work done at our first RPIW at the WPP office in Garner has made a lasting difference for patients:

A patient who had not visited WPP - Garner Primary Care for two years returned to the office this summer and was pleasantly surprised by how quickly he was triaged and brought back into an exam room. The patient was extremely thankful and explained that he didn’t go to the doctor often because, “you wait so darn long before you can be taken to the back.” The patient was also grateful that his blood pressure was taken manually, as the Dynamap automatic blood pressure machines often made him nervous.

If you have a story to share that explains how WW2E is positively impacting our patients, we want to hear it!


WPP Improves Patient Registration Accuracy

In August, the WPP value stream hosted an RPIW focused on the patient registration process. Before the RPIW, there were approximately 385 inaccurate or incomplete WPP patient registrations happening each month, which accounted for approximately $80,000 a month in payment denials, leading to patient dissatisfaction, increased processing costs and delayed revenue. The RPIW team found many opportunities to improve workflow and had some great outcomes, including:

  • Decreasing the time needed to complete the pre-registration process from 4:35 to 40 seconds.
  • Decreasing the patient registration time (from the first “Hello” until a patient is ready to be roomed) from 3:05 to 1:28.

The team also developed a new workflow that allows PARs to check insurance accuracy and coverage faster, so corrections can be made at the point of service – not when claims are denied. Congratulations to Process Owner Danette Charles (WakeMed Heart & Vascular Physicians) and team for a job well done!

Leaders Put WW2E Into Practice

Members of our leadership training classes have been busy conducting projects to put the WW2E tools in action where they work. Here are some examples:

Theresa Amerson, MD, executive medical director, (Physician Services) helped one of our Urgent Care providers streamline the Urgent Care office note template in Epic. The existing template included some incorrect information, while missing some needed fields. Preparing the template for use– erasing and adding necessary information – took at least 12 clicks, which translates to significant wasted time in a day. Dr. Amerson worked with Matt Sproul, MD, and Ashley Stancil in IS to tackle the update and now the providers have a more accurate template that’s ready to use with just one click!

Jonnie Simmons, RN, director (Heart Center Operations) used the 5S process to tackle the Telemetry Surveillance Unit. The area was previously cluttered, with an abundance of supplies and storage area issues along with blurred lines between ‘work’ space and ‘break’ space. Simmons got the whole team on board to evaluate and reorganize supplies, create a more structured work space, move break space to the designated break room and remove unneeded equipment. The result is a much more efficient – and pleasant – work area. The team also created a process for sustaining their work and implementing additional improvements.

PAT-Lead-Time.png   Low-Score-Readiness-For-Surgery.png

Surgical Services Improves PAT Process

Surgical Services held their third RPIW in August. The event was held at Cary Hospital with a goal of improving patient preparation for surgery by streamlining the PAT phone call process. This RPIW was unique for this value stream because it was the first to directly impact patients – and many patients were asked for their feedback throughout the week to further refine the processes the team put in place. Some of their great outcomes include

  • Reduced the lead time from the first attempt to reach the patient to when the PAT call is complete from 101 hours to just four and a half hours – that’s an improvement of over four days!
  • Improved the percent of patients scoring a three or less on key Readiness for Surgery Survey questions from 22 percent to 0 percent.

The team ended the week having identified numerous opportunities to use Epic and MyChart to help patients get the information they need, when they need it, while streamlining for our team members. Three cheers for Process Owner Crystal Berry (Surgical Services – Cary Hospital) and the entire team!

Coming Soon – New Aspirational Goal Metrics

The WakeMed Board of Directors has approved new metrics for our 10 aspirational goals. The metrics will go into effect on October 1, 2016, which is the start of the new fiscal year. Because everything we do in the Wake Way 2 Excellence supports these goals, it’s important for all members of the WakeMed family to know and understand how we are measuring our success. Look for much more information to be shared soon!


On the Horizon

While there are no events scheduled for the next month, there is still plenty of WW2E work going on. This fall will bring more RPIWs along with Visioning Sessions for our new value streams and much more. We'll share more details in future issues of Spotlight on WW2E!

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