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Annual Report

FY17 Annual Report

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Outcome Metrics FY17

  • Total volunteer hours contributed 144,476
  • Individuals participating in programs 1,544
  • Average # volunteers per month 787
  • FTE Equivalent  72
  • Salary Equivalent Indep Sec National 3,487,651
  • Salary Equivalent Indep Sec State 3,321,503
  • Salary Equivalent WM S09 2nd Quartile 2,087,678
  • Funds raised by Volunteer organizations 75,736
  • Funds contributed by Volunteer organizations 93,237
  • Adult Volunteer satisfaction annual survey results 84.23%

Operations Metrics FY17

  • College students participating in programs:234
  • Number of colleges represented:31
  • Volunteers employed by WakeMed:12
  • Candidates interviewed:619
  • New Volunteers completed placement processes:540
  • Volunteers oriented: initial and annual: 959
  • Special projects completed: 43
  • Active department based placements: 173
  • Departments served: 138
  • Hospitality Pets teams active: 27
  • Hospitality Pets visits to patients: 4,711
  • Evaluations/adult: distributed to departments: 415
  • % Evaluations/adult: Completed: 99%
  • Patient Relations Visits: 3,206
    * NC dollar value: $24.14

Where Our Volunteers Serve

  • Total Volunteer Placements: 173
  • Total Departments Served: 138
  • Locations: Raleigh Campus, Cary Hospital, North Hospital, Apex Healthplex, Brier Creek Healthplex, Garner Healthplex, Clayton Medical Park, WakeMed Physician Practices offices, the Business Center, Corporate Center, Cambridge Village of Apex, and Outpatient Rehab at Kraft Family YMCA.

Hospitality Pets

This year 27 teams averaged 314 visits to patients a month for a grand total of 4,711 visits. Pet/person teams have made more than 88,873 visits since the program started in 2000.


Our sewing volunteers contributed 74,517.25 hours to complete baby hats, huggables, and many other handmade items. Our volunteers and friends in the community have contributed many hours of love and care to knit, crochet, sew, quilt and stuff this year.

Volunteer Dollars: Working Hard for Our Mission

The 2017 Volunteer fundraising efforts yielded $75,736. The Volunteers raised funds through vendor sales, online uniform sales, Blossoms for Life (honors/memorializes a loved one at Cary Hospital), WakeMed Gives (employee giving campaign) and infant photo contracts. The Volunteers used these dollars to support programs and initiatives for patients, families, WakeMed departments and employees.

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