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Millions of adults are impacted by the pain and discomfort from digestive diseases and disorders. Many times, the problem can be corrected with simple lifestyle changes, dietary modifications or medication. It is important to know the underlying reason for pain so that you can get the treatment you need to live a more comfortable life.

Our board-trained gastroenterologists perform minimally invasive procedures to diagnose and treat many different gastroentestinal problems from the esophagus to the stomach through the large intestines. These procedures include but not limited to:

WakeMed's board-trained gastroenterologists are dedicated to providing patients with the very best in diagnosis through less invasive procedures. They work with WakeMed's clinical staff to help improve the lives of patients who are suffering from digestive system disorders through a collaborative team approach to care.

WakeMed has board-certified gastrointestinal surgeons on staff who perform minimally invasive, corrective procedures. Find the WakeMed gastrointestinal surgeon by searching online or calling WakeMed Doctor Choice at 919-350-8900.