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Ear, Nose & Throat (ENT) Surgery

At WakeMed, we offer a team of physicians and clinical staff dedicated to caring for disorders of the ear, nose and throat. You have access to world-class care here at home, thanks to the numerous board-trained specialists who are considered tops in their field.

From the simple conditions to the most complex, WakeMed is here for you when you need ENT care.

One of the more advanced procedures performed through WakeMed's otolaryngology department is trans oral robotic surgery (TORS). WakeMed is the only hospital in Wake County to offer the TORS procedure. This minimally invasive surgery is done to remove and treat oral tumors of the mouth, throat and surrounding region. It is also a potential solution to treat sleep apnea, offering amazing accuracy and leaving patients without scaring.

WakeMed is proud to offer this unique surgery that results in quick recovery, excellent cancer control and an improved quality of life. Our outstanding ENT physicians are talented, compassionate and skilled surgeons who work with our clinical staff to provide you with the very best in care. TORS is one of many restorative and corrective ENT procedures performed at WakeMed facilities.

Minimally invasive options are available to treat:

WakeMed has board-certified ENT-Head & Neck surgeons on staff who perform minimally invasive, corrective procedures. Find the WakeMed ENT-Head & Neck surgeon by searching or calling WakeMed Doctor Choice at 919-350-8900 .