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Stacy Boulton, MD

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WakeMed Physician Practices - OB/GYN
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OB-GYN - Hospitalists - North Raleigh
10000 Falls of Neuse Rd.
WakeMed North Women's Hospital
Raleigh, NC 27614
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American Board of Obstetrics and Gynecology

I have been intrigued with pregnancy and childbirth for as long as I can remember, which led me to complete my medical degree at The University of Tennessee in Memphis.  I have always viewed medicine as a calling not just a “job.”  Combining this calling with my interest in women’s reproductive health made obstetrics/gynecology (OB/GYN) a perfect fit.  Plus, I enjoy the idea of taking care of two people at the same time – considering the mom’s needs and the baby’s needs and making the best choices for both.

In addition to patients in the United States, I also feel a calling to serve patients abroad. Past mission trips to Guatemala and Kenya have allowed me to help care for patients in the areas of primary care, pediatrics and obstetrics.  I find it very fulfilling to help people who don’t have access to the same things we have access to here in this country.  In 2016, my husband, also a doctor, and I will travel to a hospital in Kenya to serve patients together for the first time.

Birth Experience
As a mother to four young boys, I am always supportive of what my patients want their birth experiences to look like, as long as it is safe for both mother and baby.  I value the ability to give my patients a special, personalized experience, based on their desires and preferences. 

Having had four very different birthing experiences of my own, I enjoy being a resource for my patients as well.  I think they appreciate knowing that, when I am counseling them about the labor and delivery process, I am probably not covering anything that I have not experienced myself. 

Women’s Hospital & OB Hospitalist Concept
After spending three years as an attending obstetrician/gynecologist at Northside Hospital, a women’s hospital in Atlanta, I moved to the Triangle area with my family due to my husband’s career.  He is a cardiac surgeon who also works at WakeMed.  For me, the hospitalist position at WakeMed North Family Health & Women’s Hospital came around at the perfect time when considering the needs of my family as well as my career.

I also felt drawn to the women’s hospital concept because everyone on the care team, from doctors to nurses to techs to aides, knows childbirth – the good and the challenging.  That’s the beauty of it – this is what we do, all day, every day, so there is a greatly enhanced sense of familiarity with our patients and what they are going through.  Patient safety is greatly enhanced as well.  As hospitalists, we work in the hospital 24/7, so a skilled and experienced doctor is always there to handle any type of patient emergency at a moment’s notice.

Outside of Medicine
Beyond my work as a physician, I am a wife and busy mom of four wonderful boys.  As a family, we enjoy being active, playing soccer, hiking, cycling and camping.  My love for the outdoors also extends to mountain climbing out west, snow skiing and scuba diving. 

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